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  1. Devil

    Traffic accident - Liability

    Let's clear some things up. It is not the police's job to allocate blame as stated above using terms such as 50/50 that is related to the financial side which insurance companies deal with. As I already stated the police investigate offences and during an rtc more than one party could have committed an offence and those should all be investigated. My advice stands to seek the advice of a solicitor they will advise you on not only compensation but your right to challenge the decision made by the officer. They will only do this once they have the evidence supplied by the police. You have posted a topic requesting advice based on your version of events, advice you have stated your own solicitor won't give you without seeing the police report yet you expect forum members to be able to do this. We don't provide legal advice this is an ongoing case so can't be discussed any further as such the topic is locked and no further posts will be approved.
  2. Devil

    Traffic accident - Liability

    It's not the job of police officers to proportion blame in that way. That's up to the insurance companies. The attending officer other than dealing with first aid prior to an ambulance attending is there to investigate the crash and consider motoring offences such as driving without due care and attention etc. The only thing I would be considering in your position would be contacting a solicitor. There are plenty of firms out there who deal with this type of thing and would give you better advice than a forum.
  3. Devil

    Mental health, where next?

    I've also recently seen this website being promoted for help and advice: https://www.call4backup.org/ They come across really well and may be of some use for advice for your problems.
  4. Devil

    Mental health, where next?

    Do you have the option for a neighbourhood team? In my force I do keep busy on NPT but it's a lot slower pace. I spend most my time revisiting victims and doing safety plans and crime prevention. There is still an element of responding but not attached to the radio as much. We have two officers working with our team on restricted duties and they tend to do what we do but over the phone. Keeps us out on patrol more doing face to face visits. Not sure what uniform departments you have but might be worth discussing moving teams.