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  1. Techie1


    Might be worth having a look at the Police Visual Handbook on ncalt.com (assuming your force subscribes)
  2. I'm not sure I have confidence in any UK government. A previous Home Sec messed around with pay deals, breaking national agreements and then further screwed all the officers by not back dating the pay deal when it was finally sorted. I think we all remember, that same Home Sec had police protection to go and buy a kebab at tea time because the streets aren't safe... Anyway, getting back to the point... Cuts to policing should be less drastic than they are, cuts to MP salaries should be considered instead, and this whole idea of replacing police authorities with elected commissioners should be dropped (or postponed) in light of how much money will be spent in setting it up.
  3. Techie1


    It's the people loosing their homes over this that I'm concerned about, like the other day, - a number of the fires are very near residential areas...
  4. Techie1


    Yep, riots up in Birmingham too A few shop fronts smashed in, a few quids worth of damage! http://birminghamriots2011.tumblr.com/
  5. Techie1

    NICHE Computer system

    To be fair, excel has it's down sides - it is all too easy to accidentally sort an excel spreadsheet without selecting all the columns - then the data is all messed up for eternity. Plus, it's all too easy to accidentally send a journalist your "CRB database" when it's stored in an excel file... Gwent Police was it?...
  6. Techie1

    Police Pension Reform

    I agree, a very good post from harrier74. techie12011-08-06 09:54:35
  7. Techie1

    NICHE Computer system

    No, it feels like most IT departments are managed by non-police officers, who know little about MODERN I.T. and in a lot of cases, little about managing staff and projects. But by the sounds of the Home Sec's comments we'll all be replaced by one national IT company that aims to use the same software within every police force (can't imagine the likely cost of migrating half the country to different C&C, Custody, Crimes, etc, systems....)
  8. Techie1

    CC and Dep arrested

    so who got the task of arresting them - the new recruit, or someone senior?!!!
  9. Techie1

    Police Pension Reform

    The extra contributions are probably going towards the central government pensions, MPs, etc - I believe they pay something like 2% contributions is it? As for us staff, I believe the local government pension scheme is in a very healthy position. While I can understand the need to pay more to cope with longer lifespans etc, there should be some evening out of all the different public sector pension schemes, to make it fair for all of us, rather than just increase everyone's contributions by the same percentage.
  10. Techie1


    Could be worse, a paper clip could pop up and say "it looks like you're trying to dock a shuttle. Need some help?"
  11. Techie1


  12. Whereas those in IT get 70 minutes to do something that should take three hours I had to phone the police a few months back. The officer that answered sounded like he didn't want to be stuck on the phones all night!
  13. I've heard of a force that is using restricted officers for the policing by appointment trials - where by they attend victims homes/work for statements at a pre-arranged time, rather than at some point in the future. Not sure what others here think of that, but seems like a good idea - as on the most part the officers will be happy to remain in the community, rather than stuck behind a desk in an office.
  14. I've seen a body warn video device advertised on the internet which offers "digital signatures" - I assume this is available for other video kit too. In a more simple example of this, a word document could be protected by taking all the words in the document, running a mathematical calculation using all of those words, to end up with a checksum eg 14473053840. As long as that checksum is stored somewhere safe when the document is first created, you can re-run the calculation on the document again, and as long as it's contents haven't been changed, the checksum will match.
  15. So how many Chief Constables and other chief officers have taken a pay cut? Surely on their salaries, they could afford to loose some money to reduce the amount of lay offs required? Hampshire's CC didn't take a £22k bonus last year - which is roughly a police officer's starting salary. How many other officers could be saved across the country by such guestures from all senior officers?!
  16. Techie1

    Clare's Law....

    Sounds very open to abuse, as others have said, checking your neighbour etc. If it happens, it should allow it to work both ways - eg males can check up on their partner too? Although I get the feeling from the news that's not the idea... Instead of the above, perhaps someone should set up a new dating site, where to get onto this site you have to be certified crime free, healthy, wealthy and sane? Then we can all look for a date with no concerns!!! techie12011-07-18 15:07:50
  17. Techie1

    Acting Sergeant Position

    Point two and four above are particularily good. Letting colleagues use common sense, with a bit of guidance, is a good idea. I hear of members of the public being unhappy about the chosen outcomes, instead time has been wasted following proper procedure! I like it when managers solve problems and make decisions, but likewise it's good when people present their gaffer with the options, maybe a recommend option too, and then the boss makes a decision. It helps both sides!
  18. Techie1


    Another newbie here. Hi PoliceMEN! I'm a police staff employee (or support staff as they used to call us), working in IT. Been working for the government in various organisations for around 10 years now, more than half of that for the police. I've been lurking here for about a year, but thought I should sign up and take part! So, in the words of Dr. Nick "Hi Everybody"...