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  1. Whatever you do you must comply with the relevant legislation. For new vehicles there are quite specific rules about the construction and use of any additional lamp fitted to a vehicle. Daytime running lamps for example, they must be at least 600mm apart and not less than 250 mm nor more than 1,500 mm above the ground. And you can only have Two They shall be switched ON automatically when the key is turned and off when the engine is turned off. They should go off (or dim appropriately) when the main headlamps are turned on. If they are close to the indicators they also have to go off (or dim appropriately) whilst the indicators are functioning. Direction Indicators are even more controlled, for normal cars (Category M1) you can only have Two at the front, additional lamps are not permitted. You can add Side indicators but they must be of the correct class and in the correct position. If you wanted to seek approval the correct method would be through the DVSA Individual vehicle approval process, but it would not be worthwhile as the additional lights would mean it didn't conform. Any modification at all requires that you inform your insurer.
  2. Towtug

    Tow hook number plate

    If there is a place designed for it to be fitted IE Front bumper , it should be fitted there. If there isn't because of a subsequent modification (such as a winch etc) it must be fitted in accordance with the relevant legislation. This may help http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2001/561/part/II/made
  3. I have to agree, the questions are weak and not balanced at all. On the other hand I had read somewhere that Universities these days didn't contain any radical revolutionaries guided by a spiritual or mystic leader as they did in the 70s. Maybe that was wrong !!
  4. Towtug

    Vehicle Stop lights

    The latest amendment (October 2014) to the regulations for the Direction Indicators on vehicles allow this.
  5. Towtug


    I work within the vehicle testing and homologation industry. I regularly work with the certification and enforcement authorities and with the court system advising on different aspects of vehicle legislation. If I can answer a question I will attempt to do so as I believe there is too much misinformation out there that makes everyones job harder.
  6. Welcome to Police UK Forum Towtug :)