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  1. Rache

    Hi. My name's Dan.

    Hi Dan, I just wondered if you were interested in true stories or just fiction as I certainly have a bizarre personal story for you. Please ask if u r interested but I doubt its lacks enough sex and violence for a screen play. However, if you study a criminal law book/manual for a professional training, some of the cases are literally beyond belief. My favourite is two Irishmen get drunk in Holyhead and decide to steal a trawler to get back to Dublin - despite having no sea faring experience. However they can't find their way into Dublin Harbour but can see lots of lights, so they manage to get the radio going and find themselves talking to Holyhead Harbour Master (thinking its Dublin). Eventually the Royal Navy found them going around the Isle of Man. Its in the law books because of some complex legal argument about criminal damage which I am afraid I have forgotten but can't forget the circumstances. I used to defend criminals and unfortunately, just like the police, professionalism will prevent me revealing some of the stories hence I suggest that you pick up on criminal law books to see just what ordinary common criminals get up to!
  2. Rache

    Failure to Investigate Perjury

    The problem is, one a complaint has been made, it can't be re-complained. Whilst I am not seek views as to whether or not my complaint is valid, I was seeking suggestions as to the alternative when the Police/IPCC system has failed, and so I felt that my question was general in that respect albeit the circumstance used to illustrate the problem were specific.
  3. I have something of a problem in that I made a complaint that I was the victim of perjury in a civil case. That's is of course a criminal matter and the police instructed an independent expert to consider if the dispute expert engineering evidence was false. The Police commissioned expert appears to have charged for two days work and said "I can not take sides on the issue without repeating the tests". I have been arguing ever since that the police should have asked someone to repeat the tests or someone who knew the answer and didn't need to repeat the tests. Unfortunately the IPCC failed to understand my complain when I appeal the dismissal of my complaint that the police had mis-interpreted the 'I don't know' as no evidence of a crime. I just wonder what I can do since I was told in May 2016 that the Chief Constable would be phoning me "imminently" but have had no response. I have posted a video called "In a Nut Shell" as a part of a longer series which tells the whole story and how a Chief Inspector emailed me to say "The mistake was allowing the [perjury] to be investigated at all bearing in mind your well documented mental health issues" In short, the issue at trial was whether or not a Viscous Coupling All Wheel Drive car (Freelander 1) could exhibit transmission wind-up on a slippery surface. The scanned statements and video footage is the actual evidence used in court, however, the point here is how can I get access to justice and make the police reinvestigate? I do have an expert engineer who agrees that the evidence is false and misled the judge, but the police won't look at his report. There does seem to be some resistance since one police officer has received three management actions for his conduct towards me upon the recommendation of the IPCC essentially in relation to this matter. I am at my wits end. Here's the link if that helps people understand to situation.
  4. Welcome to Police UK Forum Rache :)