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  1. Hi there, Would be my dream job to be in the police. I know there is a Bleep Test with a 5:4 required level for passing. I know I should easily be able to pass this. I often go on a 2 mile run every weekend. I have done this in a record time as of writing this in 14 minuets. The furthest I have run is 5.5K in 32 minuets. What I want to know is is what matters most when it comes to fitness levels in the police - especially as I want to go onto being qualified as an ARV officer. What is more important - endurance or speed? If anyone else could share their experiences or talk about their fitness regime that would help. Thank you, Alex
  2. qwertyK

    Hello all

    Hi there, I'm qwertyK. I am looking to join my local force, Essex Police. I want to eventually move up to become an Authorised Firearms Officer, although I am obviously not joining purely for that reason. My questions will mostly be on the police recruitment process. Thank you, qwertyK
  3. Welcome to Police UK Forum qwertyK :)