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    My first thought would be to speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau if you have one near you, they are confidential and will be able to start the ball rolling. I could be cynical about the Federation, especially if your local reps will be dependent on the senior officers for promotion prospects, try the level above your local reps, or the one above that - just keep going up the ladder until you find someone who will take responsibility. Don't shout or threaten, just announce at the beginning what your intentions are, and the result you require, and take notes of every contact, time and name. Turn the question round to what would they suggest you do to help you or recommend, you maybe surprised. Once they realise that you mean to carry on up the ladder, they will realise that the higher you go up, the heavier the boot will land on the way back down. Ps. I have not been in the police force, but I've had a plenty of dealings with bureaucracy and unions. Good luck! Sent from my Fusion5_106(16GB) using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome to Police UK Forum araymerr1 :)