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  1. jmmurphy94

    BTP - Recruitment Question

    Many thanks for the responses people, much appreciated!
  2. For me i Would say the process of becoming a Special was a lot easier than becoming a regular officer (hence I am still trying to become one). However it all depends if you have the relevant experience and are able to answer the interview questions well enough to pass the interview. I believe people should have to be Specials before they become regular officers anyway, It teaches you more about what the role is about and it's not everything you see on Tv, and by been a special you can see if they role of a regular officer would be ideal for you.
  3. jmmurphy94

    Jobs aiding Polic application

    If you're wanting experience for the police why not volunteer as a special constable? It's a great way to gain experience, helps you understand more what the role entails and if its for you and you will more than likely have scenarios to use for a PC application further down the line.
  4. jmmurphy94

    BTP - Recruitment Question

    Thanks for the reply, However I am not concerned about having to re-take an assessment, my question was mainly do i need to do another assessment or can you use a valid Home office assessment to transfer that over? And as for transferring, It was a hypothetical question - if i was successful in getting in BTP i'm not saying i'd just transfer for the sake of getting into a Home Office force I just wondered if you was able to do that, that is all. Again thanks!
  5. Hi All, I hope this is in the right area, I have recently applied for British Transport Police, I have passed the initial application sift and are now waiting for interview/ assessment dates. My question is, is the assessment centre different compared to Home Office forces? I currently have a valid AC score of 50% so can i use that or do I have to do a completely different assessment? Also, If i was to get in and future down the line (after 2 years probationary) can you transfer to a Home Office Force or do you have have to apply all over again (obviously if the force was taking on transferees) Regards, James.
  6. jmmurphy94

    Ankle injury - career help

    Many thanks for the support guys, im really grateful. Fingers crossed everything will go ok and i'll put all my effort into getting my ankle back to normality.
  7. Hi all, (I hope I've posted this in the correct area) I've recently broken my ankle and I am now terrified this will hinder my career in the police. I'm currently a Special for Lincolnshire and I'm just worried that the career I dream of getting is in jeopardy because of this injury. I just want to see if there's any past or current officers out there with a similar experience and would be able to share with me how they get/ got in with the job after the injury? I'm a large guy I just hope the bleep test and everything else involved with OST/PST is still ok once it's healed Many thanks, James.
  8. jmmurphy94

    Force final interview

    I've asked twice for feedback from WYP, but heard nothing back so not holding my breath - they cant even be bothered to respond to my emails. Ill try but in my rejection email they said id have to wait 6 months to re-apply which i dont get why, because i passed the AC so why i would need to wait 6 months is strange.
  9. jmmurphy94

    Force final interview

    Hi everyone, After recently failing my final interview for WYP I am trying to dust myself down and pick myself back up out the hole of disappointment of not passing, I got a pass mark of 52% (not that great I know) at the assessment centre, Apologis if thread is already out there but does anyone know which forces accept 50% and don't have a final interview? Or just accept 50% Many thanks, James.
  10. jmmurphy94

    West Yorkshire Interview

    Gutted to say I didnt pass my final interview, I've requested feedback but head nothing back which is very frustrating. Not sure what went wrong, did the presentation which they requested me to do which i think went really well but it must of been the competency questions that let me down, but guess i'll never know as they arent giving me any feedback. Got to wait around 6 months now to re-apply which is disheartening.
  11. jmmurphy94

    WYP Medical

    Hi, Sorry to be bombarding the forum with questions, I have passed my fitness test for WYP and fingers crossed i can pass my final interview. Once i have done this do i go for a medical? Im 6ft 3 and really big build ( not going to lie ) i am overweight but if i get in im hoping been more proactive on the job will get me fitter, I am going to try losing weight now however when i go for my medical can they reject me because my BMI is over 32? I've read on the MET's website that they reject applicants with BMI's over 32. I will be truly devastated if thats the thing that holds me back, I'm currently a special constable and passed my hearing and eye test etc when i applied for that, they didnt say anything too serious about my weight then, just that it needs improving which im trying, but they arent as strict are they? Thanks again, James.
  12. jmmurphy94

    West Yorkshire Interview

    Hi Everyone, I have my final interview for WYP on the 28th, I have to conduct a 10 minute presentation, unaided with no notes. I have answers for the questions they want however, do they expect you to remember all the questions you want to answer? Or will they prompt you and you just respond? Dont want to drop marks if i can help in the interview if i miss out a question they have asked, just because im nervous! Many thanks, James.
  13. jmmurphy94

    West Yorkshire - Interview & Training

    Many thanks for the information, I'm currently a special constable so have some knowledge of policing, using NICHE etc.... (the joys) I hope it has changed, would feel strange going to university to do police training!
  14. Hi all, I have passed the assessment centre and on the 22nd July I have my fitness test and then on the 28th July I have my interview. Anyone know how long it is until you find out if you've passed the interview? Also what's the training schedule like for West Yorkshire? Many thanks, James
  15. Welcome to Police UK Forum jmmurphy94 :)