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Connie Stern

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  1. Connie Stern

    Advice re drug dealers please

    she has tried crimestoppers twice and sits in hope waiting for a raid but the 1st report was over a year ago, the last report was a few months back and still no raid, the offenders openly sell cocaine from their front door in full sight of passers by so its not as if surveillance would be hard but no one seems to have the time to do anything, incidentally she also reported a serial drink driver to crimestoppers and found the telephone operator to be quite rude and disinterested and months later the drink driver is still on the road drinking at the wheel.
  2. Connie Stern

    Advice re drug dealers please

    Hello and thank you for accepting me in the forum. I seek some advice on behalf of my niece, who finds herself in a bit of a pickle. She bought a flat a few years ago and all was fine until the adjacent flat which she shares the freehold of, was bought by a couple who I can only describe as a local gangster and his mole, who subsequently rented the flat out to drug dealers. My niece approached the dealers and let them know she was not happy and they just laughed at her and to make matters worse they started to grow cannabis in the room next to her bedroom which emits a loud hum 24 hours a day! not to mention the fire risk. To add further insult, she moved her bedroom only for the neighbours to expand their grow room so now both rooms are subject to the humming. She lies in bed crying due to the noise and people coming and going at all hours, even knocking on her door looking for drugs. Due to bad experiences with the police in the past she doesn't feel she can trust them to keep her name out of any proceedings and she has to live there where the drug dealers seem to be very popular in the local community, she has tried to inform on them anonymously with no success and obviously cant contact the landlord. So please, what should she do?
  3. Connie Stern


    I'm not a single poster although I have come here for a singe issue, but will contribute to the forum and become part of the community, i am using an alias because i wish to stay anon due too the nature of the assistance and advice i require, i hope you can respect this.
  4. Connie Stern


    Hi I'm new and came here looking for some advice
  5. Welcome to Police UK Forum Connie Stern :)