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  1. Squipper91

    Being trafpol

    Beleive me im completely open minded and would never write off anything without atleast seeing what its about. End of the day the reason i want to join is because i cant stand the thought of having to work the 9 to 5 day in day out doing the exact same task over and over :-)
  2. Squipper91

    Hello from a newbie

    Thanks skydiver
  3. Squipper91

    Being trafpol

    Thanks for everything so far all. Can totally understand that specialising wont happen quickly and that id need to spend a considerable ammount of time learning the basics. Whisper mentioned that it wouldnt do me any harm to have an interest firearms. Are firearms and traffic police fairly closely related? ( providing cover for both i think is what im getting at) as firearms or dog handler are the other areas im interested in finding out more about.
  4. Squipper91

    Being trafpol

    Hi all, ive decided im going to apply to join police scotland when the contract at my current job is up. One of the areas id be interested in learning more about is traffic policing and what the training process is currently like. Ive been an avid motorcycle rider for 4 years now and quiet like the thought of being in a job with the potential to be riding bikes too. So id be very interested i could expect to be doing if wanted to go that way. Motorbikes aside id still be interested to hear from anyone employed in traffic that could give me a good insight inti the job and any advice. Thanks in advance' Squipper
  5. Squipper91

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi all, Stumbled across this forum whilst doing a bit of digging through Google. Been a long time lurker and have finally signed up so i can ask some questions of my own, Currently still serving in the RAF but am due out in a little less than 5 years. Been doing my research for well over a year now and have decided i want to persue a career with the police in scotland when my times up in the other mob. Will be very grateful for any advice and pukka gen given
  6. Welcome to Police UK Forum Squipper91 :)