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  1. I think it's more than that when I'm reading it. Some of it appears to be intentionally vague. It's does reduce rights of people in UK and those who are not born here. Also raises lots of issues with regards to Article 8 ECHR from my reading
  2. It's just something I'm looking at just now. I'm unsure of the impact but feel work carried out by all forces on human rights to date might be affected and a change will mean significant expenditure for all forces re changes to IT systems, literature, policy and guidance etc I was just wondering if others had any other views on its potential impact IF the Tories manage to push through.
  3. Unsure why I was accused of being a freeman. U.K. Bill of rights is actively being discussed in parliament and conservatives want to replace the human rights act with this new bill. I was asking what others thought the impact on police expenditure would be if this came to pass. Unsure why the hostility
  4. Just research the cost implications for forces. What would it mean for IT, literature, guidance and policy and relationships with minority groups and work to date on human rights and equality
  5. No you certainly don't. Quite the contrary
  6. On this topic. What do you think would be the adverse affect on Police expenditure if the UK Bill of Rights comes to pass?


    Hi, new to the forum. I'm currently with Police Scotland. Married, father of two, into football and beer. A simple man!
  8. Welcome to Police UK Forum MAGIC HAT :)