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  1. Screaminghat

    Panama Papers

    It's getting ridiculous. As for Jeremy Corbyn sticking the boot in, he may have stupid principles and views, but by f**k does he stick to them, despite risking his whole career. His integrity kills me. Makes it hard to hate him - and believe me, I want to!
  2. Screaminghat

    Requirement of a Degree to become a Cop

    Yeah sounds about right. But keeping blokes in a camp, usually miles from civilisation and denied access to decent chicks makes a man go crazy! In all seriousness, what you put above in that anecdote is pretty shocking. But those traits of pushing the boundaries, take everything and aggressiveness is pretty innate to every modern army. If they weren't up to that sort of s**t together, they probably would go to war very well either.
  3. Screaminghat

    Requirement of a Degree to become a Cop

    Thought I can wade in here, considering I've done ~6 years in uni and a few years as a squaddie. 50 years ago, barely 10% of young adults left school to go to uni. This was the result of uni's being verrry selective, and by and large the job sector had to compete for graduates to fill their vacanies. The quality of graduates was high. Nowadays, 47% o the United Kingdoms youth will fart about in uni for 3 years, paying £27,000 in tuition fees. There is no limit to uni spaces in the majority of courses, as they want more bods through the door because it's a f*****g ton of money - 27,000 for three years babysitting. I don't use that word lightly, either. Since students pay so much, uni's bend over backwards to ensure that everybody passes. I've witnessed some really bad people passing this year at uni, where back in my home country they would be failed. Another result of the tuition fees is that uni's offer a ton of places on s**tty soft subjects that do not tax the intellect of anyone but the mentally challenged. These people make up the bulk of graduates, doing useless degrees that offer nothing to the economy. The tuition fee loan that they pay back over 3 decades is with interest and linked to inflation. It's practically a saving scheme for the government... It's criminal genius I tell you. If you have made it this far in my post, then you deserve some actual meaty information. And here it is. The big firms dont want graduates. PwC, EY, Deloitte, Defence Science, Babcock, QinetiQ, BaE, TFL, RMA Sandhurst, Royal Navy Scool Brittania... They want school leavers. It's not worth hiring graduates, when they can hire young, intelligent A-level students, who they can train and mold. In 4 years, one of the companies up in that list will only take on finance grads, engineering/science grads or apprenticeships. The days of doing liberal arts, drama or languages and waltzing into a city firm are dead. The graduates are less than useless. A family member of mine made Partner this year, and he's part of the move to get rid of grads. If you reckon exclusively hiring grads is bad news, your views are well-founded. They are imcompetent, lazy, unmotivated, excuse-finding wasters, unless proven otherwise. Give me a squaddie any day, followed closely by an actual grad in a real subject.
  4. Screaminghat

    Traffic/firearms officer with colour deficiency.

    I'd like to be updated on this if possible, mate. I'm colour unsafe, which has held me back quite a bit in the past. Is a poor colour perception a bar to firearms training? I know the PSNI only take new constables who can pass the D-15 Farnsworth colour tests, as it's part of their job to carry side-arms.
  5. Screaminghat

    Quit the Army? help needed

    Just to back up Phils post here, I got out of the Army last year in about 8 weeks. If you are persistant, and produce your reasons and evidence well, it shouldn't be a problem getting out early. I had signed off in March, but got an offer for uni at start of August... I was attending by mid-september. My unit were on lead-commando group at the time, and yet I was still allowed to leave. Although my situation differed slightly in that I had no real responsibility, as the highest rank I attained was the glorious and startlingly high rank of Private!
  6. Screaminghat

    Hello, new lad here.

    Hello all. Screaminghat here. Not a UK native, moved here a few years ago to join the British Army. Went back to uni after a few years service and now I'm in the middle of a recruiting campaign for an English Police force. Here to read up on the current thoughts of those serving in the UK. I pretty much have a place in a police force back in my home country for september, so I'm weighing up whether to stay here and pray I get into the English force I've applied to, or move home and serve there.
  7. Welcome to Police UK Forum Screaminghat :)