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  1. CJEex999

    The Only Cop In Town-Australia

    Thanks for posting, very interesting read.
  2. He deserves Public Recognition for this, What a Top Chap he is.
  3. Resolved ! as local Commanders can now make alterations to shift times as they see fit.
  4. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    the world reeling in trepidation
  5. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    which he can't be trusted
  6. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    what impact he can have
  7. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    shown to be a lunatic
  8. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    A ground swell of opinion
  9. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    His A**e and using Twitter
  10. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    How bad things would get
  11. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    do what he likes,Period
  12. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    whilst also having no empathy
  13. CJEex999

    5 Word Story (2)

    about the FBI,CIA,NSA