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  1. Em88

    Drugs scenario

    In this case you couldn’t have given a cannabis warning or PND as he’s not admitted the cannabis was his. you was left with the choice of arresting him or just seizing the cannabis. Neither is wrong as long as you can justify it either way.
  2. If an officer witnesses an offence they would have to write a statement, provide any body worn video or CCTV of the offence and gataher any other evidence that may be available. It is then up to an evidence review officer or the CPS to to decide if there is enough evidence to charge. Being charged and being found guilty are two different things. The police do not decide who’s guilty, that’s down to the courts who are impartial, so it is not one sided at all and the defendant will have their day in court. I’m guessing your last two paragraphs are jokes so I won’t reply to them 👍
  3. Em88

    Misuse of Computer Act query

    I would say this is going nowhere with the police as it’s not in the public interest. The time and money that would have to go into to seizing the computer and sending it to the lab are not proportionate to the offence.
  4. Well an officer doesn’t need to make up a reason to stop vehicles. Section 163 of the road traffic act gives the police the power to stop vehicles and states; A person driving a motor vehicle on a road must stop the vehicle on being required to do so by a constable in uniform. A person may not want to stop, however it’s the law and if they decide to say "I've done nothing wrong, do one mind your own business” and fail to stop they have committed an offence. The officer would have seen the offence happening with their own eyes, this goes beyond suspicion as the offence has clearly been committed. The point you make about entrapment seems a strange one. Yes, a dishonest police officer could make something up and lie but that could be the case with any offence. Also for your information knifes are banned....
  5. You may be getting confused. If it’s the other way round ie they have no licence then they would not be insured.
  6. You should pull over immediately when safe to do so. If you believe you done this but still got stuck on for failing to stop it would be a matter for you to argue in court.
  7. Em88

    dog collides with car

    Section 170 of the road traffic act adtates as the driver you would have been legally obliged to give your details to the dog owner, if for any reason you didn’t do this only then you would have had to report it to police. Law says the dog owner is not legally obliged to do anything. civil matter....good luck
  8. Well a Constable can require any vehicle to stop. If the vehicle doesn’t stop they comit the offence of failing to stop. Given the fact the officer would have witnessed this I imagine there suspicion would be bumped up to a 9, which would actually be enough for you to believe rather than suspect this person is commiting that offence. Now to pursue that vehicle you would go on a dedicated radio channel and have to inform the controller of the situation and risk assess it and then it would be down to control if you are allowed to pursue the vehicle or not. Also not every police driver can pursue, it would be a trained officer. Also while pursuing the vehicle you continue to make risk assessments and keep control updated on your speed, conditions etc...so safety is taken very seriously. unfortunately your ideas about GPS darts, facial recognition and tv announcements are quite unrealistic. And also if someone is making off from police it’s likely they are commiting other offences or are wanted for some reason or other so they are potentially an immoderate risk to the public and themselves so you would want to get the person detained while you have the iooortunity rather than say we will deal with it after the fact. and If you don’t chase the vehicles criminals will think they can get away with anything, look at the recent rise in moped crimes. I don’t think gps darts would be the answer in that case!
  9. Em88

    Protecting a crime scene

  10. I'm a new officer and not too sure what to do when somebody refuses to give their details when you are reporting them for a crime. I'm sure you've probably seen this video below and I'm pretty sure the officer could arrest the suspect, although he clearly got flustered in front of the camera and forgot his legislation. What exactly could he arrest him for though? The initial offence of running a red light, as the arrest is nessacary the to ascertain name and address or for obstructing a police officer? once he's in custody you'd seize his camera which would have all he evidence you'd need in interview.
  11. Em88

    Section 17 pace

    I understand you can use section 17 to enter a premises to arrest someone for an indictable offence, but does this include either way offences? for example a police officer is in pursuit of a shoplifter, the shoplifter lives across the road and runs in to his house. Can the police officer enter to make the arrest?
  12. Em88

    Burglary question

    Great, thanks!
  13. Em88

    Burglary question

    Just wanted to discuss if this scenario would be a 9.1a or 9.1b offence as I've heard differing opinions. A woman is in a fast food restaurant and orders a meal. When the fast food employee turns his back and walks away from the till the woman leans over the counter, takes a burger and leaves the restaurant. Is this a 9.1a or b offence?
  14. Em88

    Burglary question

    Cool. Would you charge for a 9.1.b because it would be hard to prove the intent? if she said in interview that she intended to take the burger at the point she leaned over could you then charge for a 9.1.a? i initially said 1.a but was told I was wrong and it was a 1.b. I think because in exam world it has to state she had intention when she leaned over to take the burger, where as in real life that would appear obvious. People also said I was wrong because in a 9.1.a situation you can't enter another part of a building as a trespasser if you already in a building, but that's not right is it? for example if I'm in a shopping centre (a building) and I enter a staff room (part of a building) without permission (as a trespasser) with the intent to steal something I commit a 9.1a. Is that correct? and finally is any 9.1.a offence that involves theft of gbh also technically a 9.1.b? As you've entered a building or any part of a building and commited theft and gbh? sorry for the extremely long post!
  15. Em88

    Suspect not providing name...

    Cool so in this case you would arrest for failing to stop at a red light. Simple! Thanks. I'm doing my street duties soon and wanted to make sure I was correct!
  16. Em88

    Joining the police with a degree

    You could wait until a graduate scheme opens up. If successful you get fast tracked to inspector and I believe in some cases superintendent.
  17. Em88

    Stuck on the fence..

    Having been a special and police staff (DDO) I would say working full time is better than being a special. You learn a lot, and puts you in a sting position when applying to be a police officer.
  18. Em88

    BTP - Recruitment Question

    I wouldn't think you could transfer a search assessment score to BTP as they run a different assessment day and may want specific things. However emailing HR would be your best bet. Once you have passed probation you can apply to other services if they are recruiting transferee constables.
  19. Em88

    Jobs aiding Polic application

    Jobs where you deal with the public would be good to build experiences.
  20. They are looking for the same qualities in both. The assessment days are slightly different because the assessment day for regulars is a national standard which every home office force must run, where as they tend to do their own thing for specials. But as I said before they want the same qualities in both, so if you can pass one you have a good chance of passing the other. I've done specials, police staff and regulars and they were all very similar, looking for the same skills and qualities.
  21. Em88

    Behavioural Styles Questionaire

    Try not to over think it. Have a look at the college of police website and read the code of ethics. That should help
  22. Hi I took the follow from another forum. The post is a from 2014 and just wondered if anybody knows if it is still accurate. It's regarding the scoring for the police assessment centre. 1. Role Play: Marks available 72 (58.5%) 2. Written Tests: Marks available 30 (24.5 %) 3. Structured interview: Marks available 12 (12%) 4. Numerical Reasoning: Marks available 3 (2.5%) 5. Verbal Logical Reasoning: Marks available 3 (2.5%) Is this still relevant? Thanks :)
  23. Em88


    I'm a ddo in the met, just joined the forum so thought id say hello :)