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  1. I understand you can use section 17 to enter a premises to arrest someone for an indictable offence, but does this include either way offences?

    for example a police officer is in pursuit of a shoplifter, the shoplifter lives across the road and runs in to his house. Can the police officer enter to make the arrest?

  2. Cool. Would you charge for a 9.1.b because it would be hard to prove the intent?

    if she said in interview that she intended to take the burger at the point she leaned over could you then charge for a 9.1.a?

    i initially said 1.a but was told I was wrong and it was a 1.b. I think because in exam world it has to state she had intention when she leaned over to take the burger, where as in real life that would appear obvious.

    People also said I was wrong because in a  9.1.a situation you can't enter another part of a building as a trespasser if you already in a building, but that's not right is it?

    for example if I'm in a shopping centre (a building) and I enter a staff  room (part of a building) without permission (as a trespasser) with the intent to steal something I commit a 9.1a. Is that correct?

    and finally is any 9.1.a offence that involves theft of gbh also technically a 9.1.b? As you've entered a building or any part of a building and commited theft and gbh?

    sorry for the extremely long post!


  3. Just wanted to discuss if this scenario would be a 9.1a or 9.1b offence as I've heard differing opinions.


    A woman is in a fast food restaurant and orders a meal. When the fast food employee turns his back and walks away from the till the woman leans over the counter, takes a burger and leaves the restaurant. 

    Is this a 9.1a or b offence?

  4. I'm a new officer and not too sure what to do when somebody refuses to give their details when you are reporting them for a crime.

    I'm sure you've probably seen this video below and I'm pretty sure the officer could arrest the suspect, although he clearly got flustered in front of the camera and forgot his legislation.

    What exactly could he arrest him for though? The initial offence of running a red light, as the arrest is nessacary the to ascertain name and address or for obstructing a police officer?

    once he's in custody you'd seize his camera which would have all he evidence you'd need in interview. 


  5. I wouldn't think you could transfer a search assessment score to BTP as they run a different assessment day and may want specific things.

    However emailing HR would be your best bet.

    Once you have passed probation you can apply to other services if they are recruiting transferee constables.

  6. They are looking for the same qualities in both.

    The assessment days are slightly different because the assessment day for regulars is a national standard which every home office force must run, where as they tend to do their own thing for specials.

    But as I said before they want the same qualities in both, so if you can pass one you have a good chance of passing the other.

    I've done specials, police staff and regulars and they were all very similar, looking for the same skills and qualities.

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  7. Hi I took the follow from another forum. The post is a from 2014 and just wondered if anybody knows if it is still accurate. It's regarding the scoring for the police assessment centre.

    1. Role Play: Marks available 72 (58.5%)

    2. Written Tests: Marks available 30 (24.5 %)

    3. Structured interview: Marks available 12 (12%)

    4. Numerical Reasoning: Marks available 3 (2.5%)

    5. Verbal Logical Reasoning: Marks available 3 (2.5%)

    Is this still relevant?

    Thanks :)