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  1. Matt180

    Quit the Army? help needed

    Not heard of that mate, but will definitely have a look into it, may take your offer up if my resettlement are being lazy regarding that coarse. Il leave it at that for now and I'll update the thread when I build up the courage to tell my boss my plans ha. Should go down well! Mate I could put anyone off joining the army with the stuff I know ha, but there's always a positive to a negative. Thanks for all the advice people, have taken it all in and has helped me make the decision a little easier. If anyone has any more info that they feel may benefit me then I will periodically check this thread. Thanks again
  2. Matt180

    Quit the Army? help needed

    Apologies not sure why that the swear word got posted.
  3. Matt180

    Quit the Army? help needed

    Skydiver, no mate I can't plan my next weekend never mind doing volunteer work, the army is your life unfortunately and they can tell you where, when and what your doing in the drop of a hat. One of the reasons I'm wanting to jump ship to be honest. Rickshawalla, Thanks for that information mate, not what I wanted to hear exactly but it's helpful information. Regarding the CPK my force do require it and I'm looking into getting it f***ed via my resettlement. I think I'm going to take the plunge next month, I would be gutted come this time next year and I would be unable to apply, so only get one shot at life and hopefully I don't get shafted.
  4. Matt180

    Quit the Army? help needed

    Thanks for the input guys, The way I've read into it was they wouldn't recruit this year as they are using internal applications. But then they opened it up to the public? my hoping is they didn't have enough of an internal uptake and resorted to releasing the applications to fill the pids. Surely they wouldn't use this year's applicants for the 2017 and 2018 spaces? It's just very frustrating that they cant give an idea on where they stand or how they are managing the intake of potential recruits.
  5. Matt180

    Quit the Army? help needed

    http://www.gwent.pcc.police.uk/news/story/article/gwent-police-to-recruit-new-officers/ That's the article, if you don't mind having a read I'd appreciate what you make of it. Sais quite clearly they will recruit in 2017 but when asked directly via their recruitment team they couldn't give me an answer.
  6. Matt180

    Quit the Army? help needed

    Blkerider No mate the option doesn't exist any more unfortunately or if it does I've not heard of any one doing it since I been in ( 5 years). The only chance of getting out early would be with the CO allowing it and then it would be no less than 6 months of your discharge date. But with the way the army is at the moment its highly unlikely to happen with the amount of people leaving.
  7. Matt180

    Quit the Army? help needed

    Thanks for the quick reply guys, much appreciated. Whisper, that was what i'm afraid of, the fact i could give up a well paid job and have nothing to take its place in the unfortunate chance they decide not to recruit next year, but I think that's the chance i'm going to have to take. skydiver, thanks for that little bit of info regarding the 12 month process, if it was possible i would have applied now and handed the notice in, but due to me going somewhere hot within the next few months i wouldn't be able to attend any of the appointments due to the PDT, which then led me on to trying next year. The option of getting out early doesn't exist in my trade unfortunately due to our work demands. ( not sure it applies anywhere to be fair) In relation of asking for a deferral, do you mean apply via the application form and see if its accepted? The strange thing is via their website they state they were recruiting internally this year and that's what threw me about them releasing the job application forms. Could i post a link to the article? is that allowed via this site? You may be able to get where im coming from slightly easier. Thanks again guys or gals
  8. Evening all. First post so please excuse me if its within the wrong section. As stated within the topic, i'm currently a serving member within HM Forces but have always wanted to join the police and they are currently recruiting within my area. Now this is where my problem lies, as those of you who may know, i'm required to give a 12 months notice of discharge to leave the Army and as such, would leave me unable to apply this year. Now this is where it gets tricky, according to my local police website they will be recruiting officers in 2016, 2017 and 2018. I've contacted the relevant recruitment team and simply asked them will they be releasing application forms this time next year. The answer i got given is they don't know / its to early to release that information, so basically they cant tell me. So my problem is do i give my notice in and pray that they repeat this years recruitment next year or i don't and risk loosing out a chance to do a job I've always wanted to do. I'm hoping the some of you helpful lot would be able to give me guidance on how the recruitment process works, would they use this years applicants to fill the next 3 years of spaces? or would they repeat the application process each year. Sorry to waffle on but this is a massive decision and one i don't want to take lightly. Thanks for any advice or guidance and look forward to what you have to say. Thank you Matthew
  9. Matt180


    Evening My names Matthew, 27 years old residing in south Wales. Currently a member of HM forces looking for advice on joining the police. Look forward to posting my question in the hope that help can be provided. Regards Matt
  10. Welcome to Police UK Forum Matt180 :)