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  1. L88HRA

    New recruit

    Thanks buddy, I'm a little nervous tbh, as I'm not really sure what to expect
  2. L88HRA

    Essex Senior Interview

    How did it go for you? Iv had my final interview just awaiting my pre employment this weekend..
  3. Evening guys, I have been going through the selection process for a regular officer now for around one year, feels like a lifetime! I have a confirmed date for my pre employment weekend (this weekend) I have completed online modules etc but I would like to know if anyone could shed some light on the weekend around what to expect. I think this is only done by essex police regular and special officers? Thanks for any help provided guys.
  4. L88HRA

    New recruit

    Afternoon guys, I'm new to the forum, I am currently awaiting this weekend when I have my essex police pre employment weekend. 12/13th just joined to get some idea of process and do a little networking if possible. Thanks
  5. Welcome to Police UK Forum L88HRA :)