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  1. yeomanterry

    Profile of the Next PCC Election

    Phillip Seccombe won in Warwickshire, he is an ex military officer, business man owns his own business, has been a councillor in Stratford Upon Avon for 10 yrs or so and has been a JP. A quietly spoken man who is very clever. should do well.
  2. yeomanterry

    Camerons negotiations

    Check the report of a European Army, this would mean that all the high tech stuff we have developed over the years would be given to it, and we would not be allowed to do our own R&D and we would have to place all our R&D at the disposal of the europeans. Mr Cameron received not a lot from Europe, he sold us down the river to Angela Merkel when he agreed with her not to oppose her call for a European Army in return.
  3. yeomanterry

    In or Out

    After the latest news on a European Army which seems to have been agreed for Mr Cameron not to oppose it, in response to him getting not a lot in return, definitely................. OUT
  4. yeomanterry

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year. Thank you for making us safe, especially in London and Edinburgh so the fireworks could happen. :)
  5. yeomanterry

    Officer Suspended

    It is now the culture to investigate the people who put there lives on the line in this country. The AFO is similar to the soldier was in the 70s in Northern Ireland. The cards you had with the rules on were ignored on some occasions, you don't have time to say stop or i'll shoot three times before firing. I was shot at a number of times over there, did it make me any wiser in wether I shot back or not. No, I don't think so. Each person makes up there mind in an instant with the situation that is in front of them. next time you watch a football match consider the referee and he is not in a life threatening situation, the AFO's are. It shows how we as a country are going the wrong way on this . Ask the 60 + year old men who are now being investigated for Bloody Sunday and also the others 60+ that you don't hear about because its not spread all over the news. Good luck to the officer wether he made a mistake or not. That could have been me back in 1970's.
  6. yeomanterry

    Officer Suspended

    Looking at it as a civilian looking in and not knowing the full facts or the opinions of a daily mail reporter. If they have arrested this police officer because of the possible backlash from others, it comes down to people breaking the law to influence the protection people who have broken the law. I am not talking peaceful protest, I am saying rioting. Home office needs to support the police not ring there necks every time something happens. I am of the opinion if someone is breaking the law and present a danger to a police officer and the police officer responds, it doesn't matter if he has Asthma or Bad Heart. If you have these problems, don't break the law.
  7. yeomanterry

    The current price of oil

    Asda had 99.7p a litre the last time the wife filled her car. It is a £1 38.9 p a litre average in middle of 2013. Make hay while the sun shines. It is the oil being sold from the Libyan Oil fields by isis with no restraint that is helping to keep the price down. Aren't we sending our planes to stop them? hmmm
  8. yeomanterry

    Direct entry as Inspector.

    Yes Coops you are perfectly correct :christmas_blush: and I used the words "Man Manager" :christmas_blush: :christmas_blush: I must try harder to get this political correctness right. :christmas_D: :christmas_D: :christmas_D: :christmas_D: getting too old to change my ways. I still struggle to call them police officer when I am talking about a police man, or come to that a police woman. I come from the age where a pointed finger off the local Bobby was enough to frighten the life out of you and make you behave yourself. Oh I wish i could move the clocks back to them days sometimes. Have a good Christmas Coops
  9. yeomanterry

    Direct entry as Inspector.

    "A sergeant I know is fond of saying he would welcome a direct entry inspector from the private sector to sort out the shambolic management currently in place!" This happens in a number of Professions, Development Engineering for example, they take fantastic development engineers and put them into man management roles and wonder why it doesn't work. I have spent ten years with a senior manager who is a technical expert but has NO man management skills. his logistical planning is very poor also. So bringing in the right type of professional can be a good idea. In BMW they increase the pay of good engineers and rank it accordingly in projects and actions and Managers in charge people are a different code completely.
  10. yeomanterry

    Fitness Test

    The police level is 5.4 the Fire Brigade it is 9.0 both have a sudden requirement for short physical activity. What are the serving mens thoughts on that, 5.4 seems a bit low to me, there is a thread on here about Degrees being required to serve, so are high fitness levels required also?
  11. yeomanterry

    More serious Flooding

    In Sweden because of the snow melt and the effect they suffer in the way of tides they have an area upstream of any suburban area and make a "Dry Lake" this has animals in it during the summer months (No Crops) and they have reindeer on it in the winter along with it being used as sports areas. When they have a 'fast melt' they use it to store the water (it becomes a lake or large reservoir), and let the water through the urban area as fast as they dare including using Flood defences also, but it does stop the water flooding out of the river, the rubbish is picked up after the water subsides, then the grass grows through naturally and by July it is a lush meadow. It is the speed of the water arriving that causes the problem not the quantity. so if you can control it as is done in a small way with the River Severn. the only problem is getting the farmers and maybe some villagers to move to do it.
  12. yeomanterry

    HGV Road "Ramming"

    Lorry drivers are being followed by there bosses from base with their control systems and are given a drop time at a location especially the big companies like M&S. if he is running on time and this guy is holding him up he has to make the time up. If he is close to his location the lorry driver cannot make up the time and can get his load rejected. That causes big costs for the haulier. Lorry drivers are not perfect, there are some who are bullies, on the whole they are good drivers.I have driven Heavy Goods, if you are tootling to a location give these lads the space and help them to do there jobs, they may just be delivering the thing you want when you get to where you are going. How many times do you come up behind these middle lane hogger's and go from inside to outside and back to inside. and then see them move over to the inside. They are just not concentrating in a world of there own. Had the Lorry driver given them a horn or two, then moved up close behind, to get them to move over and they had taken the I'm offended at that attitude.
  13. yeomanterry

    Shot down

    Sadam Hussain ? didn't he gas thousands of people. In 1988 Iraq turned its chemical weapons on Iraqi Kurds in the north of the country. Some Kurdish guerrilla forces had joined the Iranian offensive. On 16 March 1988, Iraq dropped bombs containing mustard gas, Sarin and Tabun on the Kurdish city of Halabja. Gaddafi. war crimes of an evil nature within and against his own contrymen due there religion and when fighting aggressors. The allies did the same in Japan. Horishima and Nagasaki. Is this what we really want, yes we need a dictator we just need a reasonable one, you will find it very difficult to get a good one because the regions culture does not respect human life.
  14. yeomanterry

    Shot down

    Wow they were fudging when they told us both airmen in the aircraft had been killed. Seems they rescued one, but at what cost if that blown up helicopter is to be believed! that looked very staged
  15. yeomanterry

    No Cut In Police Budget

    Just announced by the Chancellor, in the autumn statement.