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  1. I've got a similar concern. What does the term 'associate' mean on the application form? The question is - have you associated with criminals?? Few years ago I had a very short relationship with someone who's known to police. The relationship ended when I found out what he was getting up to. Is this going to affect my application form?? And is that relevant to the question??? I have no criminal convictions but I'm still very worried that this won't go in my favour
  2. EMZ123

    Failed police written exams

    What does the written exam involve ?
  3. EMZ123

    Speak Foreign or Don't Apply

    Is it true that you have to speak two languages to get into the MET ??
  4. EMZ123

    Requirement of a Degree to become a Cop

    I've not seen it personally, I heard they get grilled for any mistakes made in statements when they're in court. At the end of the day we're all human.
  5. EMZ123


    I have recently bought a house so painting walls and building flat pack furniture became my hobby .... Or chore more like. I love walking and travelling, when I'm feeling creative I make stuff out of driftwood. I love it, it's very relaxing :)
  6. EMZ123

    Requirement of a Degree to become a Cop

    I'm not too sure how it works now, obviously having a degree always helps when applying for any job. Few days ago I met a police officer who left school with only one O-level (GCSE) he's been in the police for many years now so the rules have probably changed. Personally I don't think having a degree determines how intelligent you are or if you can spell or not. There are many officers out there who are dyslexic and they do the job just fine
  7. EMZ123

    What's Brilliant about Policing

    It's so reassuring reading these posts. Well, most of them. I'm joining as a special with hope to be a regular police officer soon. As nervous as I am to start, I also can't wait !!!!!
  8. I'm a special Constable, half way through training at the moment. I often wonder why some people are horrible to police officers, but as skydiver mentioned above, it's because they don't like being told what to do. Most police officers I know are genuinely nice people, and others take advantage of that. What I'm worried about is when I'm in a situation where I can either fine someone for speeding for example but instead I give them warning, then they drive off laughing at me and carry on speeding anyway. But then surely they will get caught and depending on officer, consequences of that may be worse ?.
  9. EMZ123


    Hello, I've been told that as police officers we get discounts in some stores/ food outlets. Is this true? Is there such thing as a 'blue discount card' ? :s
  10. EMZ123


    I understand!!!! makes sense! Thank you for your help :)
  11. EMZ123


    oh ok. Ive just read up on it, and have to say Ive never heard about restorative justice, but as I mentioned - im still learning So in this case the old lady will face the victim (shop keeper) and discuss how she can make amends. Am I right? Would this be something I could suggest as an officer or would I have to contact my local PCC?? Im unclear on this part.
  12. EMZ123


    Hi guys, I'm new to this. Im starting as a special constable in January :) I Have a question.. Its mailny to do with the code of conduct and using your own initiative etc. Its been bugging me for a while, so thought I'd post the question on here. You're out on patrol and youre called to an incident in a corner shop. An 80 year old woman has been caught shop lifting. She stole bread and a chocolate bar, because she's poor and doesnt have any money. What would you do in this situation? Would you arrest the elderly lady for theft? or give her a warning not to do it again? give her a fine?, even though she doesnt have any money to pay the fine? I know the code of conduct states do what is right (integrity), and stealing isnt right, however whats the best thing to do in this case? We are taught to treat the public as we would treat our family members, and if that was my nan it would break my heart to have to arrest her for theft of food. what are your thoughts?
  13. EMZ123


    Hello, my name is Emily :) I'm 25 years old and im from Pembrokeshire, Wales.
  14. Welcome to Police UK Forum EMZ123 :)