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  1. PCSO's will be an enormous loss to the force if they go. Of course, they won't realise just how huge a loss it will be until they are gone. The government seems to take them (and the UK police force as a whole) for granted.
  2. Ladycadaver

    Coroners Officers

    Cracking idea, thank you Cosmo. I will mention it to my colleagues - I get the feeling they are easing me in gently. They did mention their last volunteer eventually transcribed and I think even read at inquests before she left. have also wondered about speaking to the bereavement service at our local hospital
  3. Ladycadaver

    Coroners Officers

  4. Ladycadaver

    Coroners Officers

    hadowed in the mortuary a few times with Consultants and worked in Histology for a few years. It was definitely worth doing.
  5. Ladycadaver

    Coroners Officers

    I have recently joined my local force as a voluntary coroners support officer. I am really enjoying it and if/when a job becomes available in our small team I would like to apply for it. I've had a read of the job description and know of a few things I can familiarise myself with, including coroners, police procedures, HTA and the registration act. I have quite a medical background so have some knowledge of medical terminology. My question is, is there anything else I can do to get myself "ahead" so to speak? I know that qualifications aren't a necessity looking at the Person Specification, however I wonder if their are any training courses, perhaps a degree or an NVQ I can complete?
  6. Ladycadaver


    Hello all :) I have just begun working for the police in the UK on a voluntary basis, so have joined the forum to talk to others across the country.
  7. Welcome to Police UK Forum Ladycadaver :)