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  1. AHussain

    one more attempt

    Hello I just wanted to post this, I have been working really hard, I have decided this will be my last attempt in getting in to the Police. I have 6 months remaining, I have decided to put all my effort in this attempt, I will be getting a running coach, I have been thinking of getting a tutor also for the SET tests. Any advice and tips would really be grateful.
  2. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    Just a update guys, I got a letter from the police unfortunately I failed the 3 SET tests ( standard Entry Tests) I am confused as I was confident I had passed them. I have 6 months to revise more. I do have better news, I went for a run today and managed 2.8 miles in 30 minutes, I am sure I will get 3 miles in 30 minutes by the end of this week. I am going to increase my endurance hopefully then I can pass the police fitness test. I have to first pass the SET tests. It is really annoying I was not far of from passing but I still am annoyed.
  3. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I run outside not in the gym. I dont believe treadmills are good they are cheating IMO because the treadmill moves and if you run outside the pavement does not. I go to the gym to lift weights to get stronger, I run outside and have been its much better
  4. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I suppose you are right, I will give it a shot anything to pass the test. I am really hoping to pass this time. I really want to join the police and make a change in my area and help it.
  5. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I do boxing twice a week and I go to the gym 4-5 days a week, I also run 3 days a week.
  6. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I was thinking if I do it to often I might get burnt out, Should once every 2 weeks be good just to get a good idea if my fitness is getting better
  7. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I was thinking of doing a bleep test every 2 week or month to assess if my fitness has improved
  8. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I was told by runners thats is best to run more to build up your fitness up. If you are able to run for longer periods of time than your fitness will be greater. I was thinking of adding fartleks into my routine. Fartleks is basicly you run faster from example that pole to that pole then slow down but not stop increasing your anaerobic threshold
  9. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I have to run 1.5 miles in 12 mintues so that is 9 minute a mile roughly. I currently can run 2.6 miles in 28 minutes, What advice would you guys give me do long distance running or focus on speed. I am thinking of trying to get to 10 km there is a program called couch to 10 km. I am nearly finished my couch to 5 km, I am on the last week of that.
  10. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I agree its not equality.
  11. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I was overweight and very unfit. I was into bodybuilding and not running,I only began running 8 weeks since I began running. I got a level 7.7 which is not the best. I understand my flaws now its time to make my flaws my strengths.
  12. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I am 24 years I have a beard I could have just said im 29 lol jk. why is the required level in england lower.
  13. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    I want to let you all know this fail does not mean I am going to quit. I am more focussed I am happy, I did much better on my written tests and now I just need to increase my fitness, I had only began running 1 month ago and when I started I could only reach a level 5 on the bleep test. In a month my level went up from 5 to nearly 8 it can only get better, I have 6 months to better myself. I dont like the wait but I believe god has a better plan for me not to get religious.
  14. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    where do you live?. I think it depends on that, I live in Scotland they require a level 9.2 for males under 29 Thats a link to the site http://www.scotland.police.uk/assets/pdf/recruitment/police-scotland-fitness-standard-guidance?view=Standard
  15. AHussain

    failed the police fitness test

    Police Scotland require level 9.2 under 29 for males or 1.5 miles in 12 minutes. In england the required level in some areas or all not sure is 5.4