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  1. Hi Guys, Not posted on here in a while but have a little idea that I'd like to run by you all. I’m building a new website that I thought may be of interest to you… It’s a source of inspiration for soon to be retiring police professionals, whether looking to change their career or retire permanently. It will focus on articles from people who have changed career from the police and their stories. There will also be useful features on how to write a CV, using social media for job opportunities, financial features and more around these subjects. I'm looking for a little proof of concept at the moment and an understanding of subjects that may be of interest. In my previous posts I had discussed my father retiring from the police at 50, so moving on to a new career but struggling with ideas and confidence. This and the lack of support he found is what has spurred this along. I appreciate this post is a little self-serving but hoping that I can create something that can inform and inspire the policing community. Any comments and thoughts are welcome. Cheers, Chris
  2. chrislord

    Change of career inspiration

    Thanks Cosmo. If it's Blue Line you're thinking of, then yeah had a look there. It's all pretty similar environments which I guess is good for staying within your comfort zone. Unfortunately there's none geographically that suit, at the moment! You're right with the CV thing though - my Dad's useless at it. A CV writing service would certainly be handy however I was lumped with that job... Does anyone know somebody who has gone self-employed? With the likelihood of a lump sum, it makes this route viable if you've got the skills and inclination. Thanks again.
  3. chrislord

    Change of career inspiration

    Thanks for all of the feedback! There seems to be a good outlet for driving jobs, although I don’t think that’ll be for him. But you’re right Reasonable Man and OldAfricaHand, a lot of skills are transferrable and I think maybe the underlying factor may be the self drive/confidence… What was your resettlement course like? Apparently my Dads wasn’t too useful, with not much ‘support’ or inspiration. After 30 years in the force, I’m trying to drill in the world is your oyster, for want of a less cliched phrase… LinkedIn is a good point to make, along with the flip side of social media / the negative side of overuse (Facebook) when applying for jobs. MP… Well! Thanks again all.
  4. chrislord

    Change of career inspiration

    Thanks Whisper. In fact I do know someone who had done something similar to ambulance driving - driving the first response doctors around. With many years of a pretty hands on job, I'd fear a desk or permanently seated job would be a culture change for the worst. With that said, a corporate job within insurance companies or banks would be flexible based on the specific employer I'd imagine. I was wondering if there were any transitions that people (or friends/family) have made a little further afield from their comfort zone? Thanks again.
  5. Hi Guys, My Dad's due to retire from the force in a month at 49 (just)... We've been looking into a few different avenues for him as a second career as 49 is pretty young to hang up the boots fully! I'm not finding a lot of inspiration for potential second careers out there, apart from civvy roles within the police. I know his skill set is broad, even if he thinks (that after 30 years in the police) it's not. So I'm looking for a bit of inspiration or retired bobbies that have found a second career, either through retirement or even jumping ship at an earlier age. Any thoughts or experiences are welcome. Thanks in advance. Chris
  6. chrislord

    Introduction Post

    Hi There, My name's Chris and I'm new to the forum. I've joined with a dual purpose at the moment... Firstly, I've considered joining the police for a while now and secondly, my Dad's due to retire from the police and is left wondering what to do at only 50! The rules state not to ask any questions here, so I won't, however these are the topics I'll be touching on. Cheers, Chris
  7. Welcome to Police UK Forum chrisdlord :)