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  1. Sapor62

    Where have they gone

    As a "hobby bobby" in the met I can assure you, we're really not all like that - but if I'm being fair and unbias... a lot of us are! Is it the wrong attitude to have? Absolutely. Will it change? Probably not... All I can do is be my best, listen to the advice of my regular colleagues and do as I'm told, which I do well! As for criticising the met, go for it - we get a lot wrong a lot of the time. Having said that, I know plenty of regular police officers who display similar attitudes and don't respect experience. In my opinion they won't get very far and special or not it shows the kind of person you are if you can't take it on the chin and follow advice from a colleague who's been doing the job longer than you've been alive.
  2. Sapor62

    TVP. Shift Pattern

    Recruitment Query Not Permitted On Your Account This has been posted in the wrong area of the forum. Your account does not have an active membership or a current Recruitment Pass. You must post your topic in the Recruitment Area or Force Specific Areas of our forum Recruitment Pass A Recruitment Pass can be purchased for 1 month (£2.50) or 3 months (£6) and is renewable. During its active period you will be able to create as many topics and make as many replies as you like in the Police Career & Training Areas and the Recruitment sections of our forum. CLICK HERE to purchase a Recruitment Pass Membership Plans You can purchase an annual Silver Membership Package for just £15 which will give you unrestricted access to the Recruitment Sections and to all of the Police Career & Training Areas. We also include access to the exclusive VIP areas. Click HERE to see all of the benefits of a Membership Package. We also have our Gold Membership which gives global Gold Membership across all four of our forums and is a one time lifetime fee and we even throw in a FREE mug. Forums included are www.police.community, www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk, www.policespecials.com and www.policeuk.com CLICK HERE to purchase a Membership Plan This thread has been locked as the original poster has posted this in an area of the forum where it is not permitted and their account does not currently have the required permissions.
  3. Sapor62

    The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    This topic is going slightly off topic and is becoming difficult to understand - back to topic please
  4. Sapor62

    Going part time?

    Court trumps everything, Specials go to court on days they're not working there isn't really much choice.
  5. Sapor62

    Prohibition Notice

    By "Prohibition Notice" I presume you're referring to a PG9, a PG9 is issued when a suitably trained officer believes your vehicle has defects which make it un-roadworthy, when issued a PG9 it will void your vehicles MOT, meaning you will have to go to a mechanic and have the fault repaired to re-instate your MOT - once you've done that you should go to a police station and produce the PG9 and MOT Certificate then another suitably trained officer will remove the PG9.
  6. Sapor62

    Hey :)

    Hey everyone, I'm an aspiring met regular currently waiting to start training with MSC in October! Hoping to pick up a few things from some regulars/specials :)