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  1. Mark101

    4hrs OT working into a Rest Day/Banking Holiday

    You would have thought management would have consulted the Fed before giving out the order? Is this coming to all Forces soon!
  2. Mark101

    Paying into Police pension

    I said should have been scrapped, it was not but should have been brought in with the new pension scheme. What is the point in officers being transferred to the 2015 scheme and protected officers are working 30yrs, stopping their payments and carrying on working and receiving maximum benefit when everyone else is losing money……wrong……. totally wrong in my view……..I spoke out regarding this on the old site and was shouted down and still speak out about this today, the the middle third officers are suffering the most. Lets correct the wrong and stop this happening……………...all officers pay pension to retirement or death………..simple.
  3. Mark101

    Best CID shift pattern.

    Looks like CID are all coming back to districts as the crime team as HQ did not work, I could have told them that, bigger is not better. The Chief Supt. will now be in charge of them and looks like they will be working two weekends in four. Each district are working a different shift pattern so it is up to bosses to decide, detectives not happy, welcome to the real world
  4. Mark101

    Being papered by IPCC

    With the old Reg 9s we were always advised to say nothing and send it to the Fed Rep and they would see what it was all about.i take it, it will be a similar procedure.
  5. I see in the news there has been a large increase in thefts of phones by people on mopeds in London etc. Bosses say officers are chasing these thieves and there is an increase in pursuits over the last year. Officers are saying that they are not chasing thieves as bosss will not support them, if any happens to the thieves. Why are Bosses not telling the truth and stop lying to the public, making them thinking the police are doing something. I have never seen such a split between Bosses & officers on this subject....... I just wonder if the government applies pressure to Bosses to say things to support their agenda. I would like to see the IPCC investigate the lies and this might focus their minds, to tell the truth or face losing their job/pension.
  6. Mark101

    Best CID shift pattern.

    It should really be one weekend off a month, just like duty groups. Weekends are the busiest times when duty groups need CID to attend and deal with the jobs, so the right officer attends the job, first time…………..Remember it is not what is good for the DC's, it is what is good for the Bosses
  7. Mark101

    Revised code G PACE

    5yrs later since post started and still having fun getting into custody……….. Over the last week custody have refused Breach of the Peace and stated that they would only accept for a substantial offence ……in another case a college arrested a 17yr old causing criminal damage to parents property (Domestic) and kicked off with officers (Force used) custody refused to keep him and called his parents to come and collect him, telling officers to sort the damage element out, in a voluntary interview at a later date…………. what is happening these days…….crazy……………..Does S37 Pace allow custody Sgt to determine this course of action, as S24 has nothing to do with them?
  8. Mark101

    Passing on the left? Offence?

    Anyway, who is going to stop you on the Motorway………….There are not many Traffic Cops left and the majority of the time they are dealing with RTC fatals. In our Force if we have 1 fatal then all Traffic Cops deal with the one job and they can't come to district to deal with anything else, that is how bad things are.
  9. Mark101

    Paying into Police pension

    I would have thought with the new pension scheme in where everyone has to pay pension until retirement or death, whatever is first, then this part of the 1987 scheme should have been scrapped.
  10. see another officer up in court for dangerous driving, don't know the story. Police Professional :: News :: PC charged over injury-causing car crash
  11. Forces are already giving 3 Free days off if you have had 100% attendance for the year so nothing new here, just renamed it for sport. There is nothing he can do with pensions, so that is rubbish. CCs are all in the governments pocket so they are not going to fight for us and go against them. New recruits in our Force are leaving at over 30% rate within the first 12 months so what are you doing about that CC.
  12. A bit of generalisation here…………….funny you say that, most of the above cases are Traffic officers.
  13. PC Lowe was a traffic officer, a well trained officer and doubt if red mist was involved. Why do you quote Red Mist all the time Zulu, as if someone has done something stupid. We are talking about highly trained officers, doing their job to the best of their ability and then they are taken for dangerous driving. Officers must go through hell with worry, for many years, until they are cleared. That is not got for stress & family life. Lets help the Fed and get this new law passed ASAP. I am sure we are all in agreement here.
  14. We are alright now CC says we are covered: In a statement today, Mr Bangham, of the NPCC, said police officers responding to emergencies are covered by legal guidance that shows it is not in the public interest to prosecute them.READ MORE "There are clear exemptions in law for officers in these situations. Together with our colleagues in the fire and ambulance services we are deeply proud to be a service that reacts first to protect the public from danger. “Current guidance from the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution Service already recognises that it is unlikely to be in the public interest to prosecute officers for driving offences while they are responding to emergency calls. "There have been very few incidents in which an officer responding to emergency has been prosecuted or had misconduct charges brought against them." Not for these people……..so why did the guidance not cover them & how can we trust what you say Mr Bangham? PC James Holden was charged PC Vaughan Lowe was charged Adam Steventon was charged PC Lee Drake was found guilty
  15. In most cases they have been acquitted and should never have been in a court. The number of cases have risen so the support is decreasing, it is the judges sympathy we are relying on here and nothing else. IPCC has recently directed a force to bring proceedings against an officer for Gross Misconduct for careless driving, that would justify dismissal……first time this has happened. R v Bannister [2010] 2 All ER 841, the Court of Appeal ruled that no account can be taken of a responder’s skill or training in deciding whether the driving was careless or dangerous…………so we have lost that. We have zero risk to play with at this present time………….Zulu, you had loads to play with 30yrs ago and no one ever questioned it. The world has changed, so the laws should be updated to protect all emergency officers…….