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  1. globalnews.ca/video/2061095/funeral-procession-through-downtown He was a member of the Hate Crimes unit and was executing an arrest warrant when the shooter fired 50 rounds through the front door hitting two members. The bullets went through the neighbours house across the street. If you search the website you can see the procession and parade. Over 5000 police officers including from UK came to pay their respects. May he rest in peace.
  2. theBeatguy

    New on to the UK forum

    I'm from Canada. I'm with a Police agency, I've been on for over 13 years now. I know it will be hard to verify unless someone contacts me via my work email. I guess the best way to prove it is to tell you I'm looking forward to retirement. I have 10 years 5 months left and I can leave at 24 years plus 1 day. It gives me a 48% of my best 5 years for pension. I was curious as to how it is like policing across the pond. I've seen some videos on youtube and have spoken to some of your members who have emigrated to Canada. I'm looking to make some friends and hopefully have contacts as I will be looking to travel to the UK in the future. Cheers, thebeatguy