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  1. egg

    Police Now

    I missed Surrey on the list. I could work in one of the nearer stations but I'm much more limited as to stations in that force which I could reach. I suppose I was thinking for ease in the future, where I live is very much in TVP territory so any future station and departmental moves would be much easier to manage if I were in TVP. I own my home with my partner, mortgage etc rather than rent which I know is unusual for someone only a few years out of uni, so moving around to suit my needs isn't going to happen. ... I suppose I could work to transfer to TVP after the two years. But realistically thinking, perhaps Police Now isn't the best option for me. To go through all of the application and assessments only to be placed somewhere a little out of my reach would be devastating (such as the Met, I've been trying to work out the finances and travel times and I just don't think I could manage it). Thank you for the information :)
  2. egg

    Police Now

    Has your experience with delivering the training been positive? I know from working as a PCSO that graduate schemes and those who would apply are generally looked upon in a... somewhat negative light by serving officers. I've even been told that I wasted three years of my life, rather matter-of-factly. I do appreciate that this isn't a fast track promotion scheme. Is all of the DWO work carried out in London, or could a person complete this work in one of the partner forces? I think this is the main confusion for me, I see the partner forces listed but it appears that you are based on a neighbourhood team in London. If that is the case I can't see this working for me and I would need to just carry on with my focus to enter as a PC through the standard entry.
  3. egg

    Police Now

    Thank you for the suggestion I hadn't thought of that. I have found a couple of articles, it seems the responses from other serving and retired officers are as deeply negative as I would expect... However one comment from an officer involved with delivering training on the scheme gave me a great deal more insight into the scheme, and he speaks very positively of the new officers and the work that they do. It does seem very intensive with long hours and you're thrown in at the deep end so to speak, but the support and development sounds very good.
  4. egg

    Police Now

    Thank you for your replies. What is BOCU? The training sounds intensive from what you describe. Am I right in thinking you go straight to a neighbourhood team rather than shift? (Or response or whatever it may be called in other stations). I am considering applying for the scheme in September when applications open, however I'd want to be sure I could stay with Thames Valley and work close to where I live, or else it would just be impossible for me... I've send Police now a message asking how realistic that would be, but recieved no reply.
  5. egg

    Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    I see. Good luck I'm sure you will do fine :)
  6. egg

    Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    If you've applied for Thames Valley Police there isn't an assessment centre like other forces. You will have an interview at a local police station of your choice, then the fitness and medical test on two separate dates. That's all there is to it. Good luck!
  7. egg

    Police Now

    Has anyone had any experience with this scheme? It's the graduate scheme. From what I can tell you go to "police academy" (haha) in London for the summer months (about 6 weeks) for intensive training before moving over to a neighbourhood team for two years, working as a team leader with the support of a mentor. The website doesn't offer a great deal of information...
  8. egg

    Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    It went great, I've been a PCSO since September 2015 I've now started the CKP and looking at moving on into the PC role when they open recruitment. Although I'm kind of stuffed by the restriction - I couldn't apply for the latest intake because you're not allowed to apply for the PC position until you've held the position of PCSO for a year. It makes sense from TVPs perspective because their PCSOs would keep leaving after a few months otherwise. If you're looking at being a PC in the future, I'd probably advise you not to bother with the PCSO role because you may find it holds you back. If you want to remain a PCSO or hold that position for a few years, then go for it because it is a very enjoyable role.
  9. egg

    Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    Hi! Thanks for the reply. I understand how there could be a possibility of having to wait longer. My current place of work is currently pushing me to advance and commit in a particular direction so I had hoped to have a solid start date at some point! In the interview it was somewhat expected that I would go on to the regulars in time. The career development is certainly attractive :) But anyhoo, I'll sit tight and hope hope hope that I pass my fitness test
  10. egg

    Thames Valley 2015 intake PCSO

    Oops this has double posted? I have no idea how that happened, could a mod please delete one of them? Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm egg. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I can't see a specific PCSO area :) Is anyone else going through the recruitment process for Thames Valley Police? I hope there will be enough people joining/getting through in order to start training in September as planned. I'd be interested to know how anyone else is getting along. They seem to have something like a rolling recruitment process. Also wondering if people were intending to join the regulars at some point. I'd heard that a few people who did so regretted it and wished they'd remained in their PCSO role!
  12. egg

    Introducing myself

    Thank you skydiver :)
  13. egg

    Introducing myself

    Hello :) I am an egg and have recently applied for a PCSO post in Thames Valley Police. I've passed the interview stage and will be completing the fitness test next week. Really hoping to have a long career in the police and hopefully the PCSO role will help me to gain a better understanding of policing and whether I really 'fit'!