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  1. AtreidesZ

    Essex Senior Interview

    My nerves got the better of me and I failed. I'm not too disappointed as I believe in the process and those that evaluated me. I'm not ready to be a constable. Yet! But I definitely have what it takes. Maybe next time I will shine through. Good luck for your future.
  2. AtreidesZ

    Essex Senior Interview

    Finally had the interview yesterday! I was apparently in the last batch of applicants. I'd rate my own performance a 6/10. It wasn't my most eloquent of days. We'll see! How did you do, cdk?
  3. AtreidesZ

    Essex Senior Interview

    Hi, I called them up yesterday afternoon to get an update and they're just swamped at the moment and can't spare the resources for the interviews. They could not provide any time frame. If anyone else is waiting on their senior interviews for Essex just hang in there. They're processing those that have been waiting the longest. I applied quite late so no light at the end if my tunnel just yet.
  4. AtreidesZ

    Essex Senior Interview

    Hi guys, Anyone else currently part of the recruitment process for Essex Police? I'm not sure what is going on. I passed my assessment and awaiting the senior interview stage, but have heard nothing from recruitment in 2 months at the time of this post. Have I perhaps missed something? Does my current situation resonate with anyone else? Is continued patience all I require? I am a little surprised that no other candidates have taken to this forum to get a feel for how normal this is. I'm usually the one reading about someone else's concerns and being comforted by the fact that I'm not alone. At the very least, I hope my post might comfort somebody else out there who is also waiting.
  5. AtreidesZ


    Many thanks.
  6. AtreidesZ


    Currently at the senior interview stage for Essex Police. Eager to post on the forum.