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  1. alextheman

    Public order

    sorry, ignore my last comment.You can specialise into CID and get ranked uo within there to detective sergeant etc. Would the graduate scheme help promotion in CID, or just general policing?
  2. alextheman

    Public order

    Is that by joining the Met Police National Fast Track Programme after the two years, or that you can climb the ranks regardless?
  3. alextheman


    I have another 2 years before I apply yet, I'm in the infancy stages of research.
  4. alextheman

    Public order

    Thanks for the reply. I believe you're talking about the 'Met Police National Fast Track Programme' which is a three year scheme where you can get ranked through to Sargent and Inspector, but it's very competitive. I personally think that its far too fast to be ranked up to Sargent within 1-2 years, and hence believe I wouldn't be able to add much to the role as such a inexperienced junior, so won't be applying for that reason. I want to apply instead for the 'Police Now Leadership Development Programme' - spending 2 years as Dedicated Ward Police Officer (DWO), gaining boots on the ground experience. After this I'm told that I can 'specialize' (with further research it said to roles such as CID, Public Order, Dogs Unit, Traffic etc), continue in your Safer Neighbourhood Team, join the 'National Policing Fast Track Programme' outlined above or leave to a 'platinum partner' firm.
  5. alextheman


    Thanks. II know a DCO in my local force (well, slightly. I have his phone number and spoke about joining the specials over the summer but he said I wouldn't be allowed for such a short period of time). Do you think if I asked him for some sort of work experience, he could help me out, or isn't that sort of thing authorised?
  6. alextheman

    Public order

    I am told that if I am successful onto the police graduate scheme, I can specialise after 2 years. I think I'd really enjoy going into public order. If I specialise in this, would I spend most days as a normal officer in my borough on a weekday, and then when public demonstrations arise I just get drafted in to help? Or would I be doing public order all day every day moving around the country? Also I'm curious - how are graduates viewed within the force? From social media and forums I can sense a lot of resentment to the met's new aim of bringing in more graduates and drafting them into higher positions.
  7. alextheman


    Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a first year Economics student wanting to join the graduate police scheme once I graduate.