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  1. Hi all, I'm soon to join my local force as a SC and have been thinking about what type of station I would like to work from. My aim is to become a regular PC. Ive had some friends saying that a neighbourhood station is a lot 'quieter' and that a city based station would be more beneficial for my learning. In contrast to this, I've had a colleague suggesting a neighbourhood station as a city based station may be too fast paced and learning may actually be slower as there will be too much going on. I have previous experience in dealing with late night crowds and general crowd control. Im swaying towards a more fast paced environment. I would love some suggestions in regards to which type of station would be beneficial for me as an SC looking to quickly progress to a PC. Thanks a bunch ..Phenom
  2. Phenom

    Police Pay scales

    Thanks for the reply Skydiver, thats cleared up my confusion. Im assuming the pay points are yearly? Also, realistically, how long does it take the average PC to earn the top pay bracket? I've had a friend tell me that getting to the top pay bracket is extremely difficult and unrealistic?! ..A Gill
  3. Phenom

    Police Pay scales

    I apologise for the format of the text. Here is a link to the pay scales article: http://www.policeoracle.com/pay_and_conditions/police_pay_scales.html
  4. Phenom

    Police Pay scales

    Hi All, Im looking to join my local police force as a special constable and currently have my application being processed. My long term ambition is to join the police force as a regular. I've been doing some reading online in regards to the amount Police Constables get paid and have come across this table: Pay point With effect from 1 September 2010 With effect from April 2013 0 (a) £23,259 £19,000 1 ( £25,962 £21,000 2 £27,471 (a) £22,000 3 £29,148 £23,000 4 £30,066 £25,500 5 £31,032 £27,000 6 £31,917 £31,032 7 £32,703 £36,519 8 £33,753 n/a 9 £35,796 n/a 10 £36,519 ( n/a The article says that PC's are getting a 1% pay increase from 2013 although this table shows PC's are getting more than a 1% increase. Are these pay increases year on year or are they in accordance to other factors. It would be great if somebody could shed some light on 'actual' police pay year on year and what increase or decreased are due. Thanks A Gill
  5. Phenom

    New Member

    Hi All, Great to be here. ..A Gill