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  1. Sister Purity

    Children holidaying in school time

    Well I would be very pleased if the holiday companies would reduce prices in the school holidays. I would much rather have my holidays in term time knowing that there won't be any kids there. I'm happy to work through the summer months to allow those that have kiddies to take their holidays then.
  2. Sister Purity

    Do I have a chance?

    Hmm.... whilst I think it is great to have a dream and to pursue it... after all I did, through 3 applications.... it is also worth looking at the "job" from a slightly different angle. There are plenty of careers with the police that don't involve getting stuck into a ruck and being spat on... If you lack the confidence out on the street, you'll be no use to man nor beast, but if you can be confident on the end of a phone/radio or can handle some other support role... you could get just as much interest and excitement as the plods.
  3. Having a bit of a mooch around to see what's going on...

  4. Sister Purity

    Happy New Year

    Hello everybody... been away from these parts for a while..... have you missed me?
  5. Sister Purity


    Zimmer frame and Viagra isn't it? :::::::::legginit::::::
  6. Sister Purity

    would you admit to being diagnosed with depression?

    I have been forced out under pretty similar circumstances. I'm not a police officer though, so maybe things are different. I've had some horrendous problems with illness of late, which have resulted in "Reviews" and "Improvement Plans" and further reviews and yadda yadda yadda.. My (now ex) Force uses the Bradford scoring method of sickness management which they have allied to the Performance management. This cleverly gives them the ability to hit you on both sides at once, the premise being that if you aren't in attendance, you can't be performing. True enough, but when you perform satisfactorily on every side when you are not ill, that doesn't seem to count. They have a set criteria of "Trigger Points" on the Bradford scale, which starts at only 50, so almost everyone who has more than a couple of days off sick in a year get put onto one of the three steps of the management policy. Having reached step three which meant being referred to the Head of HR who would make a decision whether I would be staying or dismissed, I decided to take the view that the job at least owed me a reference, so I resigned before the date of the Hearing. I also found the length of time between being told I was going to be having this review and the date of the actual review (almost 3 months between) extremely stressful and it was of no surprise to anyone that I suffered further illness during this time. However, having made the decision and put my notice in... what do you know.. I started to improve. I finished on Monday last and I'm probably in better health at the moment than at any time in the last 6 months. I found reading the definitions of disability in the earlier post interesting.... and find that I almost certainly should have been deemed as being disabled... hmmm.
  7. Sister Purity

    Police Staff link to Unison area

    Yes I do understand that they have to have the policy in place, because sadly there will always be those that play the system for all it is worth. However, if you've got certificates from the Doctor, then I don't think it should even apply. You will remember I am sure that there was a member of police staff who was accidentally shot during a training lecture by their firearms department? Well even he was pursued under the attendance policy!! That's how inflexible it is.
  8. Sister Purity

    Clever Dog?

    Its brilliant isn't it? RM. So you're a member of Proud to ...........
  9. Sister Purity

    Police Staff link to Unison area

    Nothing as yet. I have a meeting booked with Unison next month.
  10. Sister Purity

    Sister Purity.

    Thank you all for your very kind Birthday wishes. I was once again celebrating outside of the UK, getting some much needed sun on my back in Tenerife. Thanks again xxx
  11. Sister Purity

    Police Staff link to Unison area

    I'm about to contact the IPSG. My force are trying to dismiss me for being off sick. Bless them. That Mr Bradford has a lot to answer for.
  12. Sister Purity

    The annual battle for leave...

    Its the same for us Hiram. If you want a move within the force or to another, they take sickness into consideration. I'm going back to work today having been off since New Year's eve. I am expecting a final written warning having had 4 periods of sickness in the last 12 months. The fact that I would have been vomiting all over their computer equipment and potentially infecting the rest of the staff with god knows what doesn't come into it! Rules is rules.
  13. Sister Purity

    The annual battle for leave...

    We can book our leave 15 months in advance. Which is great... except for Christmas. We were sent an edict this year which stated that we were NOT allowed to book leave on anyone else's behalf if they happened to be on rest days on the relevant days in September. This meant that if you desperately wanted to book christmas eve, christmas day or boxing day off, you had to turn up to your workplace on each of the relevant days to put your leave request in. Fine if you were actually on nights or early turn on those days, but a complete bugger if you were on lates or rest days. If you were on lates, all the slots were booked by those on the early turns and if you were on rest days, it meant you had to go to work, submit your leave application and go home again. Bearing in mind that's an hour's journey each way for me, that was never going to happen! Back in the old days, it was allocated out according to who had christmas/New Year off the year before. Of course, neither way suits everyone, but it did at least FEEL fairer!
  14. Sister Purity

    Racism. There's no other explanation....

    The unpalatable truth of the matter is... that the majority of crimes for which police will stop and search anybody in the street... are committed by a certain demographic to which this complainant belongs. If he's not happy about that, I would suggest he start campaigning amongst his "brothers" for them to start toeing the line. I don't care what colour someone's skin is. I care that they should obey the laws of the land.
  15. Sister Purity


    Hi Manpie, Couldn't find a wave one... so you'll have to have my bestest smile instead.