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  1. centaurandrew

    Take home pay - new constable

    For anyone wondering - pig man was right - almost exactly £1300 on the nose, although I have £40 of student loans and a £10 police mutual saving.
  2. centaurandrew

    Take home pay - new constable

    I used listentotaxman.com which always seems quite good. Would just be interesting to know what the actual amount is if anyone knows?
  3. centaurandrew

    Take home pay - new constable

    Hi there. Just a quick question as someone potentially starting as a new constable soon. I have seen the £19383 - £22443 starting pay scale. When I put this into a PAYE calculator it tells me that on an annual salary of £22443 I could expect to take home £1535 a month. I had heard that under the new pension scheme contributions are quite high. Can anyone confirm what the actual net pay is after all deductions? Apologies if covered before but I couldn't find it.
  4. centaurandrew

    New Special

    Hi all - new special with GMP here! Looking forward to getting involved!