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  1. Morning All, I'm currently a Police Community Support officer and wear all black kit. Last year it was introduced to us that we have to wear a hi visibility jacket at all times to help improve our main priority, Visibility. This meant we have to wear four layers in the baking sun, walking the beat! An Op Top (t-shirt), Mehler Vario Body Armour, Equipment Vest, hi visibility jacket (zipped up over the top!). We have raised concerns to our superiors that things aren't fit for purpose but feel it's being brushed under the carpet. Our main concern is heat followed by not having quick access to our equipment should a spontaneous moment occur (we'd have to unzip the jacket etc). Our superiors have told us that there is no hi visibility equipment vest available that is BS EN 471 Class 3 Compliant like our jackets, therefore, we would not be covered under health and safety regulations. Any help or ideas anyone can offer would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. JonBrad1988

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    Evening all :-) Thought I'd join up and have a see if there's any ideas I can gather! Cheers!