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    Hopefully this should get you there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CopsAgainst/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  2. shipscat17


    There are some really knowledgable posters on this thread (Picard999, Nicop, Cheese etc) and as someone who is in the main 'shafting' bracket, it's been really useful to follow the info you guys give. Should anyone not be aware, there's a facebook group that has started called 'Cops against inaction and demolition of our T&Cs' who are forming a campaign against the pension changes. I know it may well be too late but they are seeking to put pressure on the fed for more action and have already held meetings with GMP fed. They are exploring a fighting fund for a legal challenge and are even looking to work alongside the FBU to see if there's any wisdom or action that can be shared. They may well benefit from some of the indepth knowledge people on here have and, whilst it may be an enormous long shot, I'd rather think something was being attempted as opposed to lie down and accept the seemingly inevitable. I believe they're launching a website for those non facebookers amongst you so I'll updatethe forum with the site once launched.
  3. shipscat17


    That would certainly be a step in the right direction
  4. Just checked and had 12 responses already, made up guys, thanks for your help and keep the coming. Thanks archermav. Also really like the comments people are leaving which mirror my views and are devastatingly accurate (including "the job's f.....).
  5. Thanks Picard999, I really appreciate your help. I've used POLKA quite a bit so far as it makes referencing a lot easier. Your idea of speaking with a direct entrant is a good one. I suspect our views on direct entry will be very similar as our views on winsor, pension changes and the need for communication are definitely the same. Thanks again and I'm going to try and become a more avid poster.
  6. Hi, I've been an avid reader of these forums for a good while. Picard 999 - Your knowledge and insight into the pension changes, CS, winsor, etc. has been an enormous source of information at a time when official information has been rather sparse !! I read the updates on the pension age thread every day. As a bobby with 13 years in, I am particularly shafted and look in the forum for that glimmer of hope (yeah..right!!). Nicop - I love your enthusiasm and pray that Sec 2 challenge will come. Like most of you, I've been bowled over the lack of information (and in some cases opinion) that colleagues have about the changes and refer many to this forum for advice. Many are shocked when then (belatedly) find out what awaits. Can I ask a favour of you all. I am doing a dissertation based on the changes to the Police, in particular around direct entry. Part of the dissertaion that is of key importance is sampling the views of Officers (serving and retired). Would you be able to help me by completing a very quick survey which takes 30 seconds to complete. It'd really help me with the dissertation and I'd be enormously grateful. I'm trying to work out if Cops with military experience have a different view than that of non-military. The link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QJMG2BZ Thanks again for your help and have a great new year. Mike