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  1. Pebble monkey

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    We have had independent financial advice supplied by the fed through a seminar today. The general gist was you would be foolish to pull out of the new scheme. The only glimmer of light was that and I quote " the new scheme is full of holes and in the right hands a challenge could go along way" this of course was his personal opinion as a financial advisor not a qualified Q.C. Fortunately the region 2 fed have stumped up £12k to get that advice and it is currently being reviewed by another QC. They have stated that the result of that advice will be available to be viewed when complete.
  2. Pebble monkey


    Can anyone else think of a pension provider that would expect you to sign up to a large financial commitment and only provide generic open source facts and figures rather than an individual forecast and then holding a gun to your head so you sign up blindly and it all being completely legal. If it was people would be getting turned over left right and centre by all the major pension providers to boost their profits fortunately they are regulated unlike the government who can just ram it up you without consequence.
  3. Pebble monkey


    Like a few others on here I emailed Mouchel asking them for a personalised pension prediction prior to the implementation date,along with a request for copies of all documentation relating to my 1987 scheme. They very kindly acknowledged receipt of my request but failed to answer any of the points raised or supply any of the requested information!
  4. Pebble monkey

    Election and political debate 2015

    Running scared springs to mind I just hope the T.V companies have the bottle to run the debates as they intended without him.
  5. Anyone who works in the public sector must be really pleased to hear how well the rest of the UK are doing financially all courtesy of Camoron's excellent work!
  6. Pebble monkey


    Cheese I know what a deferred penioner is but my argument would be that I have not deferred from my original pension but rather it has been closed to me. I accept that if I opt out of the 2015 scheme I should become a deferred pensioner from that scheme but how they can financially penalise you by withholding your 87 pot until the age of 60 is what irks me.
  7. Pebble monkey


    Exactly my point how can you become a deferred pensioner of a scheme that has been made unavailable to you. As far as successfully challenging it goes I hope that the Fed surprise us all and pull something out of the bag but I also hope England win the next World Cup and I know what's more likely!
  8. Pebble monkey


    Surely anyone in the 1987 is not opting out they are closing the scheme so how can it be legal to defer any pension from that scheme on the basis that you opt out of the 2015 scheme. When I signed up for the 87 pension I had a choice and faced no financial penalty if I chose to make alternative arrangements. The 2015 scheme on the other hand seems to be a case of sign up or get nothing until you are 60 and directly impacts on my access to my 1987 fund and I can't get my head round how that can possibly be lawful.
  9. Pebble monkey

    Cut in numbers.

    Most of the admin roles and control room staff are now employed by Steria who as a company make Group 4 look efficient. All the detention officers and station attendants are now employed by Relliance or Tascor it changes that often I struggle to keep up. The majority of the same staff have been retained but now instead of ringing the pay department to sort out a query or any other support department for that matter you ring a central help desk. They log a job and pass it on to the relevant department and if you are lucky you might get a response within a few days. If you have further queries the same process happens again so a problem that could be fixed by one phone call to one department in five minutes takes days numerous calls and e mails but apparently it's more efficient and saves money! The do as Whisper says use a lot of ex cops to fill in roles and like the zero hours contracts as it suits their business model after all it's all about profit not public service.
  10. Pebble monkey

    Cut in numbers.

    Cleveland have lost way more than they anticipated as a lot of officers voted with their feet and left to pursue other careers. Tells you all you need to know about the Force and it's management and as a result they are now recruiting probationers and transferees to try and fill the gap.
  11. Pebble monkey

    Ill health retirement with depression

    My force has recently medically retired an officer for that very reason he was off for a protracted period due to his condition,came back to work on reduced hours as part of a return to work plan but couldn't cope and went sick again. As a result he was pensioned off,not sure of the exact specifics timescales etc but it's obviously possible.
  12. Pebble monkey

    Police staff walkout called off

    I have asked both the National and local fed how we stand in light of the French and Irish decision and I'm still waiting for a reply months later. They did however say that it wouldn't be unlawful for an individual officer to pursue a claim against the government if they felt their rights were being infringed. I can't see them funding that claim though despite the fact we pay them for legal representation but theoretically it's possible for it to be run without Fed support if enough people are prepared to put their hands into their pockets. The galling thing to me is that the fed try and tell us that going in asking for 1% was in our best interests then not two weeks later Unison manage to get a better deal and the Fed go no comment as usual.
  13. Pebble monkey

    Belgium and other European Countries

    The Police are not trained or prepared for this type of threat. Jihadi's with recent combat experience and superior fire power are likely to have better skills and drills than the vast majority of armed cops and they are used to working on a two way range. As recent events have shown they aren't worried about getting taken out in the process of an attack unlike the IRA who were desperate not be be caught. Police firearms training needs a complete overhaul with more infantry style training for the AFO's as at the minute your average 19-20 year old Infantry soldier is better equipped to deal with it and in all likelihood has more experience.
  14. Pebble monkey

    Belgium and other European Countries

    I completely agree no matter how well trained you are what happened with Cregan and in Paris you would be up against it to drop them before they dropped you but I'd rather have the option than be left with a metal stick to defend myself. Most cops don't even have ballistic body armour or any training in dealing with that type of threat.
  15. Pebble monkey

    Belgium and other European Countries

    I read the report on this earlier good on the Belgian's for being proactive it seems they were planning on putting on Police Uniforms for the attack tactics that have been used numerous times by the Taliban with deadly results. It's only a matter of time before something happens over here but I'm yet to see any signs of increased security measures where I work other than the "Don't travel in half Blues" advice. Other than that they have done the square route of (deleted word) all to counter the threat and it's frightening to see how easy it would be carry out an attack like that in the UK. By the time one of our two ARV's got to the scene it would be too late but somebody thought it was a good idea to cut the number of AFO''s!