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  1. Careca

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    [quote name="cheese_puff" post="566483" timestamp="1432740917" Even friends who work in the financial sector would happily have that sort of pension. I'd happily take the remuneration package of my friends who work in finance over mine. So what, it's a redundant argument. You love to wind people up on here, let's not pretend otherwise.
  2. Careca

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    There was no precedent to re write the law to change police pensions but that happened, virtually unopposed. You wait and see how much precedent matters to this lot...
  3. Careca

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Yes, this is true, it would make much more sense. However, the happiness of staff is not of any concern to HMG or in fact SMT. What matters is money. I would not be surprised if the severance terms were changed, making it far less expensive for forces to dispense with the services of officers. At this point the volunteers won't be there...
  4. Careca

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    Interesting. I'm in pretty much the exact same situation as your colleague and only last week made enquiries about how to opt out of the care scheme. I had written off my first few months contributions but the scenario you describe is an absolute disgrace. We are now so used to being treated like fools that there is no incentive for pension administrators, Fed, SMT, HR, etc. to treat us any differently - they know we will not do anything. They want the 'difficult' officers to quit anyway, and there will still be a number of us (usually the least personally affected or recent to the job) who just shrug and repeat the standard (Met) SMT mantra ("If you don't like it, leave").
  5. Careca

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Why would you think that? The Fed are not going to do anything to stop this, wait and see.
  6. Careca

    View of the Met.

    Cockneybob, probationers are given nothing like the training I received in '99. Added to that, the (few) more experienced officers are noticeably giving less of a s**t and this has an effect on the 'on the job' training too.
  7. Careca

    View of the Met.

    Zulu, dealing with most offences (with a few notable exceptions) is essentially the same. The process doesn't really vary. Squads are becoming a thing of the past in Metland, with large main offices (called serious crime teams or some such bollox) taking in all cid worthy offences. Trouble is, CID are faced with two main problems at the moment; a lack of suitable applicants for DC, and a decreasing quality of handover from untrained or badly trained probationers. This is a real issue. I sense experienced officers just not caring about training the probationers, and an SMT who are rarely seen and completely powerless to improve morale in the face of eye watering budget cuts. The article in the Guardian echoes my experience in the Met.
  8. Careca

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    If I was trained in accountancy and my firm sacked me I would be working for another accountancy firm shortly thereafter. The police service is different. Whenever some brainless dolt reiterates that 'lucky to have a job' bollox I feel like punching them in the face.
  9. Careca


    From that little infographic above fraud is up 9%. That seems a massive understatement to me. I regularly take action fraud reports from victims familiar with action fraud, the process such as it is, who tell me they won't bother reporting next time, or have absolutely no expectations of any level of service from the police.
  10. Careca

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    Anticondem & Zulu, I couldn't agree more with your last posts. Underneath the Sky, obviously it would have to be more than a 'notion' one will leave before it makes sense on paper to opt out of the pension. Times really are changing though. I spoke to three officers today, two of whom I know well. One is emigrating with his family at the end of the year as his wife has a good career and position lined up, one is leaving in a month for a job in financial regulation, and one has a year left to do on some computer networking course before he plans to leave to be some sort of engineer. I am myself on the verge of just throwing in the towel but wish to see what happens regarding redundancy. For me the new pension no longer makes sense but this has been a long considered, at times stressful decision to make.
  11. Careca

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    Despite what Cheesepuff asserts, it is still shocking that pension forecasts are not forthcoming. I would add though that the decision to leave is not a 'big mistake' if he is planning to leave the job (or believes he will be managed out) before age 55. This is a fact several on here ignore or gloss over.
  12. Careca

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    It's truly painful listening to the Fed is it not? Thick as mince.
  13. Careca


    You pay for those services over and above what you pay subs to the useless Fed. In 15 years I've not been competently represented, locally or nationally. I'm doing just fine without their assistance.
  14. Careca


    Anyone who recognises how impotent, self-interested and generally useless the Fed are needs to stop paying in. That's the only way they will get the message and be forced to either change considerably or dissolve to allow a new entity to fill its place. Paying in, then complaining about it is pointless. I am happy to 'risk' not having Fed 'help' or crappy travel insurance. The reg 28 insurance is worth having but you'll almost certainly be fine without it. I cannot understand why anyone who sees how awful the Fed are feels they need to keep paying them!!
  15. Careca

    The Winsor Report Thread

    [quote name="Gmanc" post="564976" timestamp="1430941873" Fed need a kick up the arse and start challenging this Muppet Windsor. I'm sure they're all over it. Bwahahahaha