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  1. campervan

    Leaving after 24yrs service

    I must admit I did wonder what a " staff development unit" was my self. There is no such thing as staff development where I work.
  2. campervan

    Leaving after 24yrs service

    Thank you for your contribution. I have tried to no avail to move or and develope however the excuse is always there is no staff due to cuts. And my hobbies and home life are very good thank you. Work is just unbearable at the moment. You were very lucky indeed to go off on a sick pension at 26.5yrs. I don't know how long you have been retired but things have changed drastically in the last few years. Perhaps you wouldn't recognise the job now if you were to return. Thanks again Camper
  3. campervan

    Leaving after 24yrs service

    Thank you all so much for your helpful replies. The way I feel at the moment is to stay on and get to my 25yrs by hook or by crook. I do have the attitude of F**k em at the moment. I have worked hard, have hardly had any sick, have had broken bones been spat on etc. That was all part of the job. Not anymore I am looking out for number one and if I feel like my batteries need re charging from time to time I shall go and see my doctor. Thanks again for all the helpful replies. Camper
  4. campervan

    Leaving after 24yrs service

    No, they have been centralised now and are not as user friendly as they used to be. There is this beat with a big stick attitude of late rather than manage and motivate. Its quite horrible at the moment. I really feel so sorry for some of the officers where I work. Its not a good environement. Rather than moan about it I would rather do something about it. Life is too short. I will continue to look at the options and hopefully find a solution. Again thanks for all the replies.
  5. campervan

    Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing

    Do you have links to sample C.V's that a police officer my write?
  6. campervan

    Leaving after 24yrs service

    Thanks for your replies. I am afraid that you both may be right about 25yrs being the magic number. The thing is that things are so bad that I don't think I can stand another year. Hopefully will get some more ideas of fellow members. C
  7. Hello, I am new to this forum and in fact have only just found it. I am a constable with 24yrs service and am 50yrs old and have decided I can't life is too short to be so unhappy at work. Can someone tell me if I retire now will I get a reduced penison if not when will I be entitiled to my penison and how much will it be? I have some investments that will tide me over for a couple of years however I do intend to get a job or start my own business. Can someone point me to examples of C.V's for police officers? I have done just about everything including being a Detective. Has anyone on here left the job in similar circumstances and started their own business? Did you do the right thing or do you regret it? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. C