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  1. Nex

    Protected if injured on duty???

    I sought fed advice from a very early stage of the UPP and they accompanied me throughout but advice was somewhat limited though the police as a whole made the process into a barely lawful witchhunt anyway. Having sought legal advice it appears im too late to do anything now. Seems to be a huge issue with the system when you only have 3 months from the decision date to appeal but i wasnt given the notice of termination paperwork and reasons for it until nearly 11 weeks after the decision meaning i had about 10 days to sort out an industrial tribunal. I can live with the fact i've been screwed over and am somewhat relieved to be out of the police now which i never thought i would say but felt the need to post this here to try and assist anyone caught in this process in the future. I will still keep digging in to what some of you have mentioned but hold out very little hope of any resolution coming about now. Thanks to those who offered up advice, it all seems like solid information and i appreciate you taking the time to do so
  2. Nex

    Protected if injured on duty???

    I am and will update if anything fruitful comes of it.
  3. Nex

    Protected if injured on duty???

    I know this is a somewhat old thread now but i found it pertinent seeing as i was injured on duty, qualified as disabled (on the basis of the injury being more than 12 months) subjected to the UPP process and subsequently lost my job despite the CMO refusing to medically retire me, expecting me to make a full recovery with time. Oh and the "reasonable adjustments" were to place me in the front office of an extremely busy station which may be fine in certain circumstances but when you are not supposed to have any public contact and undergo major spinal surgery plus be told you are potentially about to lose your career then deal with 50 times as many people as you would on a daily patrol... Anyway i dont want to sound bitter as i am actually glad to be out but not under these circumstances. I merely wanted to update the forum in response to the original post. No you are not protected. I hope you have decent line management and contest every stage if they make it a requirement not to go sick, which they will.
  4. Nex

    Leaving the job? Options?

    I'll be interested to see what other options people provide here having had the (mis)fortune of recently being let go from the police due to an injury sustained at work. I have a similar background to you Chief in term of joining at a young age, 18 in my case. I'm also in my 30's with very similar qualifications. Having spent the best part of 3 months now trawling job sites and applying to recruitment agencies i hear the same thing every time "you are exactly what we're looking for in the security sector" which translates to "we want you as a security guard earning 18-20K a year but you have to go get your SIA licence first". Good luck on the career change if you do decide to take that leap and i look forward to following this thread.