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  1. Good Afternoon, I was offered a Police Staff position with Surrey at the end of July following an interview and am now waiting to start. I was told the vetting would take between 6-8 weeks (which I instantly thought was crazy seeing as I already work for the Met and so not sure why it would need that long, but I appreciate they have to do it themselves...) It has now been 8 weeks and I am yet to hear anything. I rang them the other day but the people working in recruitment only seem to know what it says on thier computer screens which is that it is currently with the vetting team... They are unable to give me any other updates The most annoying thing is, is that I am so desperate to give in my notice and leave my current job and so I am now weighing up the options of just leaving and risking being unemployed for however long whilst Surrey finish thier vetting!! Has anyone else had similar problems with vetting? Or anyone else who has gone through the vetting for a staff role and can let me know how long it took them? Thanks Jo
  2. It was an email - but just after I had sent another 'naggy' email to them....not sure whether it was coincidental or if it pushed them along a bit!
  3. I also got a start date confirmed last week - I'm going to be starting in February! All come around quite quickly now!
  4. Hello, I know there are other posts regarding assessment days but I thought I'd start a new one to save me and hopefully others scrolling through vast amounts of posts!! So I got the call yesterday to say I've made it through to the Assessment day (which for me will be November 28th) for the Police Now graduate programme. To say I'm nervous would be an understatement!! I've had various applications and interviews with the police before and been let down a few times so am really keen to go into this one fully prepared and determined to get the job which I am! I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips about the day in general or about these things which they've told us will happen: 1. Role Play (I believe this is very customer service based) 2. Presentation (no idea about this!) 3. Numerical and Verbal Reasoning assessments 4. Competency based interview (Am I right in thinking this will be like other interviews I've had with the Police in the past?) 5. In tray analysis test Also anyone else out there who has made it through to the assessment day for Police Now? :) Thanks , Jo
  5. Hi Scooper, Sounds like you've been through a bit of a stressful process!! I've had a similar experience but with fewer promises! I had the interview and medical back in April 2014 and told to let them know as soon as possible about upcoming holidays due to the Vetting only taking a few months (hence getting our hopes up that we would start in Summer sometime) By July, August time I still had heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from them. It was only on here that I heard little bits of information from other successful candidates. After a couple of us ringing the recruitment hotline it was starting to come to light that something was wrong and they were waiting to hear back from 'senior management' to make a decision. It was then a couple of days later that I received the email informing me of the 'hold' on training. I'm now very dubious as to whether or not these positions will be open to us next year and I'm finding it very frustrating trying to find a new job with the police (having just graduated from Uni this year) as there isn't a lot open to someone with little experience in the 'working world'!! I was very excited to start this job but its just a disappointment that I'm now doubting the position. I'm still holding out for no later than April (I believe they said next financial year in their email?) but who knows!! Let me know if you hear anything else Jo
  6. Haha yes I'd like to think I'm reasonably patient but this wait is testing it! I'll let you know when I hopefully hear back from HR again
  7. I hate to think that we would still be in the dark if no one had asked or inquired?! So annoying they can't keep us informed... Where did you hear the decision was due last week? My boyfriend's step father works for the Met and has told me he will try to get me in touch with someone high up in HR so hopefully I'll be able to get some more answers soon!!
  8. Hey guys, Just to update you on some things I have been told yesterday. I managed to get through on the recruitment hotline....spoke to a woman for a moment who made some sort of comment like "oh I can see you're coming along nicely" I presume referring to my vetting process whilst looking at my files on her computer screen?! I was then given a number for a man who is supposedly in charge of all comms applications. After failing to pick up, I actually received a reply to an email I had sent him previously which reads as follows: "application now ready for a start date however all courses for the remainder of 2014 are on hold pending Budget reviews all candidates will be updated in due course" Which makes me think that we're so close to starting but now its having to be put on hold for budget reviews! I just hope it doesn't mean we will be waiting until 2015.... I asked him this and he replied again saying that they are unable to say at the moment as they're waiting a decision from senior management... And so the waiting game continues!!!
  9. Heres the link which says it.... http://www.metpolicecareers.co.uk/newconstable/ I really hope they don't mess me around too much because I'd hate to have to re-apply or start looking elsewhere. I think I might give them a call myself and see what I can get out of them!!
  10. This all sounds very complicated and infuriating! I have a feeling it could be something to do with the fact that I was looking at their website yesterday and theyve updated it regarding applications to Police Constable....saying how form the 1st Augsut 2014 you have to have lived in London for 3 years or something. But I really hope this isnt the case for Police Staff roles as well because I live in Surrey!!! No, thats the other aggrivating factor. I've just graduated form University so I don't have a job at the moment. I can't afford to just be sitting around for much longer because I need to be earning! And if they just keep me in the dark I don't know whether it's possible to get a part-time job or not.....this is all driving me crazy!!!!!
  11. I dont understand....so were going to find out about our careers through national newspapers?! I'm so angry! I just want to start working! No I don't think I've ever called them....just tried to send emails!
  12. What!!!!!!!!! This is so infuriating now....next week it'll be 4 months since I was offered the job. Did they give an idea of how much longer it will be Lauren? I hope no longer than a couple of months!!
  13. Hi Gary, Sounds like were in a very similar position - I too got sent the offer on the 21st/22nd of May then sent off all my vetting forms a couple of days later. I haven't heard anything from them though so either is a good sign because it means its all going through okay or I dread to think they just never received them! Can you imagine! When you spoke to them on the phone, did they give you a rough idea of how much longer it would be? Couple of weeks? Couple of months?!
  14. Hi Guys, I too had an email back in May around the 22nd with an official job offer but haven't heard anything since then! I'm in a rather annoying situation as I've recently graduated from University and can't afford to just be sitting around for another 6 months or so not earning any money! I would love a rough idea of a start date so I know whether to find temporary/part-time work.....I recently accepted a part-time at my local Costa Coffee but fear I may be leaving in a matter of weeks! Not fair on myself or Costa. Lets keep each other updated on the post/feed. Speak soon Jo
  15. Hi, I had an assessment day and interview for the role of a Communications Officer back in April with the Metropolitan Police. Having been successful on the day (April 5th, 2014), they offered me the job there and I was soon filling out security forms etc. It's now been over 2 months and I haven't heard a thing about a start date!!! I'm sure this isn't an uncommon thing but I was just wondering whether anyone has been in a similar position and has an idea of when I will hear from them about a start date and how long I'm likely to be waiting for?! I've tried sending an email in the past about a start date but got no response Thanks for any help, Jo