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  1. PoliceMedic?


    Cheers ladies and gents - perfect response. I thought there would be a fitness section on this forum. I've noticed there are on US equivalent, although there seems to be more of a focus out there on development of fitness. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. PoliceMedic?


    Cheers everyone. The bleep test is only part of the process (dead weight lift, shield run and safe lifts). RM, thanks for the reply back. I will certainly adopt some of these during my training programme. At the gym, I largely do cardio work at the moment. The dead lift is largely about natural strength and I believe the main issue is the 10 bleep test. RM, is there a specific plan that you follow? Thanks for taking the time to reply. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. PoliceMedic?


    Hello all, I am not sure as to what the demographics are as to where people serve. However, as this is my first post I am going to briefly introduce myself. I am currently employed as a Constable in a super urban environment and work on response team. I am currently a level 2 public order office and I have aspirations to become a police medic. I am aware, from the POLKA website, that there are a variety of different requirements that vary in force to force to be a medic. At the force I work for the requirements are a 10.2 bleep test. There are other requirements, but I am confident of achieving those. I want the 10.2 so bad. However, I am struggling to drastically improve my fitness to accommodate this. The police is genuinely split between those that try to keep/get fit, those that aren't fit and those that are very fit. I most likely fall into the first one. Does anybody have any fitness suggestions that will enable to plan a good schedule which will allow me to achieve this target with a two month turnaround window? I know for a fact I can attain 6.5 on the bleep as this is the requirement for level 2. I am 16 st 7p and I work out between 2-3 times a week. Constructive answers would be awesome AND it would be bloody lovely if here were any fellow public order medics on here?