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  1. Hello everyone, I need your advice. It is hard to admit being so stupid, but I was the victim of an eBay scam, resulting in $10000 (approx 6000 pounds) lost. Making things short, I made an offer for an electronic testing device, the seller accepted my offer and requested payment by bank transfer. Had numerous email exchange with him regarding shipping details and etc., he even sent an email confirming the bank transfer was received and since then nothing. Checking and investigating myself I discovered that he copied all the equipment’s pictures from another auction ended not very long time ago. Then I saw the rest of the disaster, all the red lights I should have paid attention to before paying: a lot of small details unfortunately I ignored. The bank transfer was made; therefore the bank details and account are correct. The bank is in London. Analyzing his emails I found they were all sent from London (although he gave an address in Edinburgh). The emails were checked by a computer expert and were all sent from the same IP. Now, the problem is nobody seems to do anything about this. I reported the case to Action Fraud, but it seems they are not exactly doing any “action”. It is more like a data collecting agency established to release pressure from the police. While not ignoring the necessity to collect data in order to investigate serial scammers, here we are talking about a case where and immediate and simple investigation may give quick results, starting with the bank account information and finding through the internet provider the precise IP address. As a volunteer police Superintendent (not in UK) I am very surprised by the lack of reporting options for such crimes. If Action Fraud seems to be the only option, knowing nothing will be done about the report except for updating statistics this is frustrating, not to mention UK will become a paradise for online scammers. Is there any other option for reporting fraud, where someone does something practical about it?