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  1. Hello, I am currently in the midst of collecting data for my undergraduate third year research project. The basis of my research is exploring police attitudes and responses to individuals suffering from mental health issues. As am I requiring police for my research I thought here would be an ideal place to post my questionnaire and hopefully entice some responses! The questionnaires target audience is predominately front line officers and custody sergeants. Based on my research, as well as advice from university mentors and contacts within the police, these are the people that can provide the best information based on face to face contact with those who could be suffering from poor mental health. The questionnaire may take around 20/30 minutes to complete (could be more could be less), however it is based on how you decide to answer the questions, and no questions (aside from demographics) are mandatory, you have the freedom to answer when and where you so wish - the questionnaire will be analysed on feelings/emotions/thoughts that arrive from the experiences described, so richness of content would be much appreciated! All necessary ethical information is included prior to the questionnaire and it is stressed that all information is 100% anonymous and all confidentially is safeguarded. Additionally my contact information is included if anyone else requires additional information. Thank you for reading and I hope to get some responses! Link for the questionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hOAXuz3Io0TfAXDMnl1qgXFrJRpx2bPvhVTSclijQrs/viewform