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  1. We don't have central kennels as such as that would require staff to run. I know this matter (Handlers using their own vehicles) was looked into a year or so ago and dismissed but as they are continually looking for money saving ideas it is back on the agenda
  2. You have to buy a vehicle suitable to transport the dogs. If your current vehicle isn't suitable or you don't want wet, slobbery, smelly dogs in the car your wife and children use you would have to buy a vehicle specifically for work No, the suggestion isn't dog handlers should be given a company car... The way it works now is that the handlers who is going days off will drop his van at the handlers home address who is about to start his rota stint. The idea of handlers having to use their own vehicles is to eradicate the fuel costs of "dropping" Dog vans to handlers home addresses. Which is perhaps plausible if the mileage involved is considerably high but most officers live within the closer confines of their force. So, it's not really a huge issue. In the grand scheme of things I can't believe the savings are huge
  3. Yes, that's what would be expected. Purchasing another vehicle to transport the dogs (most handlers have two); you wouldn't want to use your family car would you especially the state the dogs get into in the wet etc (let alone the smell) No, no help with Insurance. We would have to get business insurance. Specifically for the carraige of Police dogs I'm not sure how the Insurance companies would view this?. Apparently we could claim for the tax aspect for fuel used but seemingly not qualify for essential users allowance or casual users allowance. Oh, but we would get a cage for the vehicle supplied
  4. Cheers, seems a few forces are going down this route. I think it'll make people re consider dog section as a chosen career path....
  5. ....Perhaps I can summarise what some Forces are doing in relation to this for the benefit of all members of the board when I have got to the bottom of some of the replies...........?
  6. Perhaps there's a very good reason to be slightly annonymous? Thanks for your input though
  7. Thanks for the replies, I'll message you !
  8. I've sent you a message
  9. aloc

    Rejoining and receiving pension

    I think this is if you are over 50 at the point of retirement and took up new employment within one month of retiring. At least that's what i was told on my pre-retirement course
  10. ..That's travel in your own car with your Police dogs!
  11. Interested to hear what other forces do in relation to transportation to/from work with Police dogs. Does your force provide you with a marked vehicle or do you have to travel in your own car to pick your vehicle up from a central point: If the latter is the case 1) How long did your force allow you to purchase a vehicle for such purpose? 2) What did your Force do in relation to equipping your purchased vehicle to ensure it was suitable for transporting Police dogs? 3) Did you have to purchase business insurance yourselves? 4) Are you paid essential user allowance? 5)When do you start your duty, i.e travelling into work with your dog/s? Cheers in advance!!