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  1. Organised Crime Group, at least it is here mate.
  2. archermav

    Fail to provide after hospital procedure

    I'm struggling to get my head around the CPS decision, which wouldn't be the first time. I'd have assumed that if you start the hospital procedure from scratch, then there could be no argument?
  3. archermav


    If it helps, I'm only 5'08". I joined when there was a height restriction! Most of my shift were old school and all were above 6 foot. I've managed quite well for my near 27 years service so don't worry at all. Just set yourself up for a lot of "Little Man Syndrome" quips.
  4. CID dealing with a wounding, it's like something off the telly.
  5. archermav

    When is a pay rise not a pay rise?

    But it is still a fact. So, the only lie was that she accepted the recommendations of the Pay Review Board.
  6. archermav

    When is a pay rise not a pay rise?

    Just witnessed Mrs May in full flow on PMQ's. She stated that since 2010 a new police officer has actually seen a 32% increase in their pay, and that she accepted the findings of the Pay Review Board. I'm still not sure I heard it right, I was a little gob smacked. You have to admire the sheer front of the woman.
  7. archermav

    Mopeds used in Crime

    The pursuit policy does allow a pursuit of a motorcycle, indeed, we can deploy a stinger device on a motorcycle. However, only on authority from a control room Inspector of above. This does not happen, simple as. If a motorcycle makes off, if a stolen motorcycle makes off, there is no pursuit, at all. This is common knowledge, hence the increase in two wheel related crime. I'm just a thick traffic man but even I can see the pattern here. I'm sure that someone with an 'ology will be able to correct me and tell me that no, it's not because of that, and attempt to explain something completely irrationally. Our force made a huge push on being open, honest and transparent a few years ago. There are many things that have happened since that have led me to believe that this only applies to those of the rank of Sgt and PC. Pips and above can be more selective.
  8. archermav

    Transfer to alternative station

    If it's a temp move and it's further than you travel at the minute then your entitled to 28 days travel.
  9. archermav

    Police Driving / Emergency Responding

    After nearly another two years after his trial, his case of gross misconduct was finally ended. He had a hearing, despite the force itself not wishing to pursue the matter but being instructed they must by the IPCC. There is no one to go to above the IPCC to complain about such blatant abuse of process. In essence, his case was dismissed as he had no case to answer. He has not returned to work nor will he.
  10. archermav

    Police Driving / Emergency Responding

    PC Vaughan Lowe was well and truly hung out to dry by the IPCC for 5 years, despite being found not guilty in January 2015 for causing death by careless. This poor bloke has been so poorly treated by the IPCC they should hang their collective heads in shame. I do know the details on this one Zulu.
  11. archermav

    Hillsborough Verdict

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-40419819 Not really suprised are we?
  12. archermav

    Policing Mental Health: Who does it best?

    Our force actually came up with a good idea, beggars belief but they have. We have something called Triage cars. Basically The Mental Health Triage scheme sees West Midlands Police officers joined in an unmarked car by psychiatric nurses and paramedics to answer calls from those believed to be suffering from mental ill health. A simple idea that I can't believe isn't a national thing. Is this a help?
  13. I would argue the increase is more in line of folk being more risk averse. With the IPCC forever eager to get involved it's a case of bottom covering.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39135300 This part made me smile !" Policing Minister Brandon Lewis said: "This Government has protected police funding, through the 2015 spending review. "There can be no excuse for any force that fails to deliver on its obligations. Those identified as inadequate or requiring improvement must take HMIC's findings very seriously and I expect to see rapid improvement
  15. archermav

    Direct entry as Inspector.

    Seriously, promotion. So going to a Dept that was initially set up to assist uniform is now a promotion. Well I never. Who ever uses these words are seriously deluded. Attending a six week CID course should not by any stretch of the imagination be thought as such. In our force we've now got our Collision Investigation Officers attending such courses and achieving the accreditation. Excellent and fair play to them I say, but to then try and tell me they are promoted is way too much. Or is it only considered that if they were plain clothes and sit in the CID office? Or is the two year magic period and then you no longer are a T/DC but DC? I did try CID in my youthful days. More a look see from my perspective as I didn't really know what they did. Now I do, and it's not a job that I would ever want. I can see a need for them, of course I can, but there are numerous specialist depts that require extra training and studying, there is even talk of a National Accreditation for Traffic Officers, yet if you go on them are you considered promoted? However, I can see that there are some folk on here who are sensitive over opinions, so I shall now keep em to myself.
  16. archermav

    Direct entry as Inspector.

    Cheese, one of the funniest posts I've read on here. Extra skill and responsibility. Brilliant.
  17. archermav

    Judges pensions - a right old can of worms

    https://www.fbu.org.uk/news/2017/02/15/fbu-deeply-disappointed-pensions-ruling Not the judges, but the FBU. Seems they have lost.
  18. archermav

    Direct entry as Inspector.

    I read that and thought, that's a gaffer talking if ever I've heard one.
  19. archermav

    Judges win pension case

    This is what I'm afraid of cheese, it will be a race to the bottom. I wonder how those officers with full protection will feel with a couple of years or less to go if, and I appreciate it's an if, the Govt say "Righto, we tried to help but have this instead". Will those officers who challenged feel rather pleased with themselves? Will they be eternally grateful that there is no discrimination?
  20. archermav

    Police Inspiration Website

    Sounds like a plan mate. Two years to go for me (I shall be 49 when I finish) and I've no idea what I want to do next. Other than no more outside in the rain silliness, no night shifts and two days a week will be plenty.
  21. archermav

    lifting of pension cap

    Our CC agreed to it. Woohooo, however, our head finance man says no way can the force afford it. Equally, if they offer it they are afraid of the high amount of folk who would ask. So, it's a no go.
  22. archermav

    Bank Holiday Working

    If it was a rest day, then yes, you would indeed need the 90 days unless exigencies of duty (which in our force rather oddly means a football match that has been moved by Sky TV). However, the OP says that his/her shift is rostered to work that particular bank holiday anyway. Hence they can indeed be made to work the bank holiday without the need of the 90 days.
  23. archermav

    Tattoo's - Federation

    I think it's fair to say that this particular C.I has used the name of the Fed in vain regards this one. She may well be a Fed Rep, but I don't think for one moment that she is speaking for National Fed, and I'd be amazed that they were OK with what appears to be them asking for a relaxation on the rules.
  24. archermav

    Fitness Test

    Well, I passed my fitness today. Our force does the Chester step test. All went swimmingly well.
  25. archermav

    1% Pay Rise

    Erm, you can easily do both mate. Most fed reps do.