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  1. I have recently been successful at the SEARCH assessment centre for Merseyside police, and have a final interview Monday, anyone got any tips ? I am carrying out intensive research into the force and looking at the core competencies. During the assessment centre I was told around 3000 applied and only 300 got the assessment centre surely only half of them will be at the final interview? I don't know how many jobs are available but I hope I am successful at interview.
  2. Jbrown17

    Merseyside Police PCS&TO

    Hi, currently going through the process of application to become a police community support and traffic officer for Merseyside police I passed the initial competency based questions on my application form and have now been invited to an interview I have done some research and the questions seem to be about what you would do or have done in certain situations? if I was to pass the interview the next stage would then be post assessment panel what does this involve numeracy/literacy based questions? and role play ? Would appreciate if anyone could give me any info on the interview and Post assessment panel and also the fitness tests, medical and biometric vetting (I know they take fingerprints but what is the DNA Sample they take ?) Sorry To ask I am sure there have been 100's of posts like this but if anyone could help I would really appreciate it Thanks Jonny