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  1. liverpool999

    2016 Pension Statements

    No birthday is July, i transfered in service & i know i'm fortunate, i can take a full 30 at 48 & 11 months. I am planning to move and making plans for a move in june 2017 which is why its important i get correct dates. So unless anyone can provide a serious reply please keep opinions to yourself. Moby I wasnt asking for sympathy & you have no knowledge of me or my circumstances go bother some other poor soul, its sad that this profession i've devoted my life to for almost 30 years has people like you in it, too quick to have a dig at colleagues, very sad and perhaps a sad refelection on todays Police officers
  2. liverpool999

    2016 Pension Statements

    This is why I haven't posted on here for a long time, sick & tired of people posting smart arse comments to serious questions.
  3. liverpool999

    2016 Pension Statements

    Would anyone have any idea why after years & years of statements stating i can retire on full pension on 17/06/17 does this years state my full 1987 pension scheme with full protection is 01/08/17 no explanation whatsoever & yes they release statements and pi&& off for the weekend.
  4. liverpool999


    So this years P60 is in. This PC with 27 years in is now earning £4493 less than he was 2011-2012!
  5. liverpool999

    Regulation 28

    Thanks very much for this, I know there are many of us out there feeling like this but I appreciate your time in replying to me, I will check out what you've advised. My situation was brought on by the cuts. I was in a specialist post which was disbanded 18 months ago. I was redeployed into an unfamiliar role and despite the promise of adequate training this never materialised. Add to this the animosity I received from Police Staff who felt threatened by me, they would openly discuss among themselves how Officers shouldnt be in there whilst they were "fighting for their jobs" some wouldnt acknowledge my existence on the team and one hadnt spoken to me since last July. In the summer of 2014 it became apparent that I would never fit in so successfully obtained another specialist position, I have been waiting since October to be posted. It all became too much in February and put my family first, been off since then. I have Friendly Society cover for Reg 28 which covers 40% of half pay.
  6. liverpool999

    Regulation 28

    I have local Fed rep who is supporting me & hope I dont need the insurance. I've had the letter but still have 3 months on full pay. The forms have come through incase I need them.
  7. liverpool999

    Regulation 28

    Thanks Gmanc. What incapacity benefits? I've been off 3 months with depression brought on by Stress & Workplace "bullying" I never thought i'd be off this long. I only have 2 years to go now. I have had the letter from HR regarding their intention to place me on half pay after 6 months so I looked into the details of my Reg 28 insurance & what worried me was the 40% figure. In recent years I have taken quite a few financial hits and I cant take many more.
  8. liverpool999

    Regulation 28

    Quick Question Can anyone give me a simple answer to the Regulation 28 Half Pay Issue. The Regulation 28 insurance cover I have only covers 40% when you go onto half pay. Is the shortfall 10% the difference in how much less tax etc I'd pay if my pay was cut by half? And is the half pay, half the basis pay and other allowances stay the same. Hopefully I wont need it but I'd just like to know the numbers.
  9. liverpool999


    Sorry but i disagree, mortgage outstanding is half my house is worth. Pension p/m will be less what i pay on mortgage p/m at present so i'll be 49 & only have to work if I wish, which i will but will be mortgage free when paid off With my commutation in 4 years How is this bad financial planning. I have been divorced & lots more besides & if does offend when people make opinions about others circumstances
  10. liverpool999


    I think there are a minority on this thread looking down on the rest of us from their ivory towers, end of
  11. liverpool999


    I'm actually offended by this comment
  12. liverpool999

    Ballot on Industrial Rights

    I think the low numbers is a lot to do with the pathetic registration process, i registered on 11/01/13 & heard nothing since despite 3 e-mails, the whole thing stinks. If i lose my opportunity to vote the fed will be losing my subs!
  13. liverpool999

    Another Sad day

  14. liverpool999

    VR VR VR: IT'S HERE.....

    Thanks cheese puff, think i'll stick out remaining 4
  15. liverpool999

    VR VR VR: IT'S HERE.....

    I'd be grateful for any advise. 45 in July with 26 years pensionable service in June so 4 till i get full 30, totally hacked off with how we've been treated & considering options now. If i read this right i could take the £63,000 voluntary and still draw pension at 50? Does anyone know what the pension would be if i went with 26 years in?