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  1. dawnwas

    hello from aussie

    Hello and many thank's for the welcome! Yes I guess there may not be many around of Dad's group,but I guess there is always a chance...even of some of the younger officers who worked with him...he was a great joker and a gentle giant....well he still is.
  2. Anyone know the name Eric Arthrell.Was a police sargeant red Lion Street wolverhampton West Midlands.I am his daughter.He is nearly 84 and we wondered if there were any friends around?
  3. dawnwas

    hello from aussie

    Hello all. Just introducing myself as a new member,actually my police connection is that i am the daughter of a retired police sergeant from the UK,so thanks for letting me in....I am actually a Dental Hygienist. My Dad is now nearly 84 years old and he served his 25 or 30 years service with the West midlands,based in wolverhampton...I think at Red Lion Street police station. I was wondering if there are any of his generation around posting on the site perhaps? Perhaps one of the present policemen is following in the footsteps of a dad or grandad that may have known him?...worth a try eh? His name is Eric Arthrell and he was in the force from the mid 1940's till the late 70's early 80's I think. I grew up with dad doing shifts,his helmet in the hall and the radio thing too.He was 6'4'' and seemed to look like a giant once he had his helmet on!! My recent connection with the police is that before I emmigrated to Australia i managed to buy at an auction,two of the skinny police posts that were removed from the pathways in London. Well.that's me for now folks! cheers or g'day