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  1. civpol

    Judges rule on Brexit

    http://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2016/11/that-constitutional-crisis-i-predicted-in-june-has-now-arrived-enjoy.html Peter Hitchens predicted this constitutional crisis. He is often proven right in many things he writes about.
  2. civpol

    BMI problem?

    If the max is 29 and you are 29 then you'll be ok wont you. A better guide to how fat you are is a fat % measurement. If you want to be on the safe side loose a bit of weight
  3. civpol

    Is the MDP a good force to work for?

    Do like gates, and more specifically opening them ?
  4. civpol

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    But if it allows certain sections of the community to be reached that otherwise wouldn't have been then surely its a good thing ?
  5. civpol

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    Personally I think it should be allowed. It will affect such a small proportion of any new recruits I cant imagine it would be an issue and it may offer up some experience and expertise in certain areas which could prove invaluable.
  6. civpol

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    Even muslims think its a bad idea.....Comment deleted by Bikerider - innapropriate statement......The daily Heil strikes again.
  7. civpol

    Tattoo's - Federation

    I think thats the problem overall Ivetoldyouonce, Its not a disciplined service anymore its a business which is all inclusive on the one hand but still trying to be a disciplined organisation on the other. you cant have both. Personally I would still like to wear shirt and tie and pants with boots I never found them any worse or better that the current uniform. But they looked alot smarter and fit better. Yeh we rarely agree on anything, Doesnt matter what you look like these days you still get treated like s**t whatever. My young eager new acting sgt who looks like a toy soldier gets royally turner over regularly on the town centre by groups of drunks who think he looks funny and like a boy. They are often surprised when they ask is he new and I reply no he's my boss. Overall I would like to work in the police as it was 30 years ago when there were standards and we could enforce the law but I dont so I may as well have a glass of champagne while the titanic sinks.
  8. civpol

    Tattoo's - Federation

    Dont think it matters anymore. Most people are happy if the police turn up. Also for me professionalism is shown in your work rather than your appearance.
  9. She does have meaningful opposition in parliament, Jeremy Corbyn is the first time Labour has had a labour leader in 20 years now if they can find some parliamentary party members who also wish to stand up for the working class we may have some kind of choice when it comes to general election time.
  10. civpol

    Officer seriously injured.

    Taser is not the be all and end all, its a piece of equipment that may not work in all circumstances. I've seen someone on cocaine etc who was a large chap stand up after a deployment pull out the barbs and continue with his course of action. Its at that point that 5.4 on the bleep test and one day of OST a year doesn't feel quite right.
  11. civpol

    Officer seriously injured.

    I think the chap who came to the assistance of officers is the bravest out of all of them. He was under no obligation to assist them and when all this is over he still has to live there and as we all know if you help the police on some estates your life will be made a misery. I hope he gets some official recognition.
  12. civpol

    New Member Introduction

    Yeh go on what can you bring to the police service ? what experience have you got that would make you a good boss ?
  13. civpol

    Don't have an accident

    Yes where as what they should do is just let the Government walk all over them and roll over like we do.
  14. civpol

    Searching for advice on police career

    What advice would you like ?