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  1. A.W

    Why do we bother?

    That line about 'take away the stab vests' literally kills me.
  2. A.W

    Met Pc Killed

    That's really sad, I hope he rests in peace. I know the dangers of motorcycling all too well...
  3. Thanks, that's good advice. I'm currently reading this book: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/definitive-guide-to-passing/id503452113?mt=11 Loads of good information in here from an officer who served for 16 years.
  4. A.W

    Prince Andrew

    Easy now. Yes I mean Fagan, I know a Hagan that's probably why that happened.
  5. A.W

    I'm New Here

    Thank you. I'm aware of the disillusionment a lot of people face, especially with the level of bureaucracy involved and the lengthy paperwork of today's policing methods. I'm just very glad to put myself in a position to give it my best shot, and I will give it a very good chance before deciding what's for me. :)
  6. A.W

    I'm New Here

    Hi. Wouldn't recommend what? I currently work as a Receptionist for a small chain of opticians, and a general dog's-body at Odeon in Woodford.
  7. A.W

    I'm New Here

    That is a very good point. The severity of the crimes are no different based on motivation. However, as we evolve as a society, it is increasingly important that hate motivated crimes are shown to be dealt with. It's less about what's actually happening and more about how everyone else sees it. The minorities of the country need to feel as though their cases are being taken exceptionally seriously, even if the processes are only renamed and still follow through similarly. This has everything to do with the institutional racism police forces have been accused of over the years. Yeah it might seem like a waste of time, but it's put in place to deal with the public: a body of people that wouldn't know a waste of time until it sparked up as a news headline of the Daily Mail.
  8. A.W

    I'm New Here

    I was directly quoting course material.
  9. A.W

    I'm New Here

    For sure. I wouldn't want 'police scum' spray-painted near my home.
  10. A.W

    Prince Andrew

    The most amusing part of this story is the fact that Hagan broke into the Queen's bedroom just to have a chat. I had to re-read that it was 1982 not 1892, very warming story, it seems that he just wanted to do it to see if he could, not to steal pointless things or hurt people. You only see that kind of thing in theatre!
  11. A.W

    I'm New Here

    Thanks everyone. Sorry you had to edit it.
  12. Thanks for the advice. By knowing exactly what I'm going to say, I'll come across a lot more confident. Do they have group exercises? I realised there could be, but I don't know from my email inviting me. I'm good at those. Not sure I understand what you mean about the paper... at all. Sorry. That's good advice, I will try to remember that the situation hinges on me. I am very good at being heard and being pushy at my current workplace. I'm on the same level as most people but I don't mind giving instructions, even to managers and team leaders. It's important to do that without being 'bossy' or using it to defer my own duties. With my customers, I don't like unresolved issues or issues without a solid answer as to whether I can help them or not. I make it my responsibility to find out how best to resolve the issue, or be sure enough to say it's outside of my control. I'm very sure I will make a good officer one day. I have literally no experience with physical confrontation or death, the two things that I hope to learn to deal with from training and doing the job. Sometimes my lack of experience in the former makes me feel that I will struggle more than others. <-- Never been in a fight in his LIFE.
  13. I think I'm going to like this place.

  14. The best cold weather pen:
  15. A.W

    PCSO to PC

    This became a greater problem as soon as everyone knew about it. I second any suspicions that this guy is probably well on the way to reconsidering his career already. His face is pasted all over the net and in papers, next to the word 'racist'. People who recognise this guy are going to say something. An extension of that problem is that the force in question is seen to be promoting officers with chips on their shoulders. The injustice felt by people with regard to this guy being 'allowed' (even if that's not happening), to send racist texts to his friends, is generated by the fact that "everyone knows and nothing is being done". It's no longer about this PCSO, his life or what he did. Also, the public hate nothing more than a person being given more money if they've been fed a reason to despise them. It happens to politicians all the time. The Met are really pushing this sort of thing down our throats (reading the CKP material), forcing us to recognise the way in which we are received as well as the tasks we are completing. I concur with anyone here who says it's much safer just to screen things you send to your mates using the Equality and Diversity training all forces were given. You can't say he's under-educated; every single person working private or public sector, were forced to undertake Equality Training when The Equality Act (2010) was made law. If this was a story about an occurrence in 2009 (which sometimes happens), I'd get why he'd been undertrained. If he wasn't trained properly than that is a much greater issue.