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  1. almostthere

    Senior Police Woman Suspended

    Yes the ET is pretty gruesome with the previous director of legal service having been sacked by the previous CC who turned up at the ET as a witness in her defence. As a result of the hearing, several stories have emerged of senior officers having liaisons with each other. This is firmly refuted by those concerned of course and a denial of an incident log having been raised in force. They also firmly deny that the incident log was not deleted as there was none to be deleted. Firm denials officers were called to the CC's home in 2007 to an incident of a domestic nature between the CC and serving officer husband of the ACC the CC is alleged to have had a fling with. Of course the official line is that all the above is rumour based only. It may be that someone somewhere knows different. A source informs me that the current CC has issued a warning to staff not to discuss on social media or publicly the rumours that have been alleged as it would have a negative impact upon the force. Now saying that about the negative impact, I would expect a bigger negative impact should there be evidence to suggest otherwise is adduced at the aforementioned hearing which moves into next week.
  2. almostthere

    Is this petty or not?

    OAH - whilst I think it will be a massive treat for the orphaned kids, it could also foster some feelings of resentment too unless it is managed properly. I think the school must know what they are doing and perhaps have had experience in the past. Whilst I have no experience of life or culture in Botswana, I imagine if anything went wrong at a party here, i.e. something broken, stolen etc. I know where the finger would be pointed first. If it was my kids having a party managed by the school, I would personally relish the idea. It might have even kept some of my kid's awkward mates away.
  3. almostthere

    Belgium and other European Countries

    I was thinking along the lines of Tommy Cooper - two elephants fell off a cliff - boom boom. But yes of course Basil Brush - still going and on tour http://www.basilbrush.com/ !!
  4. almostthere

    Is this petty or not?

    Like playing Gary Glitter records!! Sorry I will get my coat. As a grandfather to an almost 8 yr old and another almost 5 I know I will get roped in to assisting with the extravagant parties a lot of kids have. Last year we had a couple of Disney princesses turn up in costume and ridiculous voices for the 4th birthday party. The grandson on the other hand has all his mates turn up at Goals and have a game of football. Sadly games like pass the parcel, musical chairs, tag or tiggy etc have no place. It is goals again next week for his 8th and princesses and fairies for her 5th. There are always no shows and although disappointing, my daughter accepts that will be the case. I would expect it is the child whose party it was that would be ostracised rather than the no-show, but I have been known to be wrong.
  5. almostthere

    Belgium and other European Countries

    Whereas MP - you missed the 'Boom boom' at the end of your pun.
  6. almostthere

    Belgium and other European Countries

    Sadly it will be too late when she does give support to the police and other emergency services. Of the 7 deadly sins - she has wrath, greed, lust (for doing away with public servants).
  7. almostthere

    Belgium and other European Countries

    Sadly we know from experience that if we come under surprise attack from an unknown enemy we will stand little chance. Our gaffers will not wish to exasperate the current situation and it will be risk managed. Too many do gooders about to get the intelligence required, and too little time to ensure the complete safety of colleagues. That said we are one of only a couple of police services in Europe who patrol unarmed. Garda and ourselves locally. Single crewing policy or Safer Crewing Policy in my own mind needs to be looked at immediately. Our contact handlers and radio dispatchers need to be aware of the incidents we send our colleagues to. It is a crazy world we live in currently. Stay safe.
  8. almostthere

    Paris Murders

    It was nice to see how Mr H appeared to be genuine in his delivery of his individual addresses.
  9. almostthere

    Desperate, Not Bright, or Both

    But what about his human rights including his right to be near his family? :tongue_cheek:
  10. almostthere

    Flexible Working

    Hope you enjoyed your first shift and made the tea for everyone seeing as you were the new kid on the block!!
  11. almostthere

    May in Paris

    The message I took from the discussion was not to arm the police, however, that every police officer should receive training. If an when the wheel came off they could be called upon and issued a weapon - at least then they would have something which they may be able to stop a terrorist. That said - where do all the weapons come from? Where will they be kept and so on.............................? A debate on the spur of the moment.
  12. almostthere

    Private good, public bad...

    I have visited A & E dept in a city hospital and each and every time the waiting area was full of locals, with a very occasional non British born person. One of the big issues in the NHS is the introduction of a very top heavy tier of admin working 8-4 Monday to Friday usually a Band 3 or upwards in salary. Whereas at the coalface, there are not enough Band 1 HCA on the wards and fewer band 4 nurses. Sadly a number of nurses deem the mundane tasks beneath them. But back to A & E - too many people visiting due to a number of the primary care centres being closed.
  13. almostthere

    May in Paris

    I noticed that DC was looking quite uncomfortable to the far right of President Hollande. He appeared to be quite lonely.
  14. almostthere

    Paris Murders

    And three cheers for the huge turnout in Paris and other parts of the world marching in solidarity.
  15. almostthere

    Paris Murders

    I think that after the video from the original incident was so graphic the BEEB decided to put a 60 second pause on all of the news once the smoke was seen at the print factory. No one should need to see someone being murdered. I am sure the majority of us that have seen the violent moment life is made extinct during the course of our duties, know we do not need reminding, especially if it is one of our own. RIP those innocents that have fallen these past few days.