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  1. PMR


    That's why I said I wouldn't join now I have no difficulty understanding that point of view at all .I just think it's a shame it's come to that after some of the times I remember
  2. PMR


    I do feel it's a shame that people that want to be career specials, and do genuinely want to contribute to the community are risking being ostracised and finding people are anti . Having said that I was a career special , but I wouldn't join today with the current atmosphere. I have seen in nearly 30 years a complete change and reversal from the tail end of the overtime thief mentality , through to being certainly in my area , a valued asset and part of the team and now we are possibly going the other way again.
  3. PMR


    I was a long time career special, and loved every minute ( mostly) Would I join again ? Not with the situation as it is with CS , A19 etc there is no way I would put a regulars job a risk for me indulging in my hobby.At the end of the day even with the years I served I couldn't do that officers job ,I could do parts of it and do them bl@@dy well , but the whole thing never.Having said that I wouldn't have got in today even as I was at 21 I would have been useless in a foot chase,struggled with baton and cuffs etc, but I had other qualities the job recognised and utilised . It worries me that this emphasis has been put on increasing numbers of SC at a time when numbers are so low and retention so poor. To get the numbers are we going to look at quantity rather than quality? What's going to happen then? Who is going to be policing our streets. Personally I think the Special Constabulary should be taken down and started again , if it means smaller numbers of better officers that maybe the way to go and perhaps looking at the bigger picture of what people can contribute
  4. PMR


    When I was a special, back in the days when it wasn't seen as an entrance into the regulars.I noticed two types of specials.The first ,like myself, had authority, power, whatever you care to call it ,at work and used the Specials as a chill down, interesting hobby. However others seemed to use the Specials to make up for things they didn't get elsewhere .They were the ones who seemed to have problems and attitude issues .In 'my day' we were trained to a very basic level, we did what we could, and that was accepted by all. Some people did go on and do as much as possible , but others were ' fete faries' doing points etc at events .The thing was we seemed to accept then that we were just dipping our toes in,we were on the periphery of policing and couldn't compare to the regulars , that seems to have been lost