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  1. Soapyw

    Police to magistrate.

    OAH that's disappointing to hear, I thought they'd welcome that kind of experience. Sectioned where have you got that from, is there an official policy for time between roles?
  2. Have many here made the cross over from a police role to serving as a magistrate? It's something of interest at the back of my mind, when I no longer enjoy my work as a special it would seem a good place to use some of that knowledge and still contribute. Curious if any here have experience of it, or good stories of a magistrate who understands what it's like to be stood in an officers shoes.
  3. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    Ah, anecdotal stories, a fine answer to facts and studies! I'm in Yorkshire, we're doing ok.
  4. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    And we're down to the grammar police, the last retreat of the 'great' debater. I'll go read a dictionary and make sure I understand sovereignty and democracy properly, once fully educated I'm sure I will be as enlightened as you. You're right of course, leaving the eu will stop all illegal immigtation, how silly of me.
  5. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    I believe you, I just dont have the energy for it. I've seen and read plenty, its out there. But throughout all of this facts, reports and links count for very little. You have to be an expert to decipher it all. I post one article, you find another to fit your view point. I would argue mine is peer reviewed and based on good research, you say something similar or debunk the author of mine. Generally people come down on one side of this and all the chat in the world isn't going to change it. I hold most politicians in contempt, I just dont generally care what there passport says. So the bad ones in Brussels dont anger me anymore than the bad ones in London. Leaving the EU is massive, and the more debate it faces in parliament the better off I think we'll all be. We're a parliamentary democracy, so thats a good thing right? The people spoke by a slim majority, so now let our leaders discuss the implications and the best way forward. I'm often amazed that police people are as offended by immigrants and Europeans coming over here as they are. In my limited policing experience its the bottom of the barrel, English scrotes that cause most of the problems I see. But the main problem with our country, with the western world, is the rich getting richer. Lets stop fighting over the scraps and look at why the rich/poor gap just keeps getting bigger. Most immigrants move because they want a better life and to work at it. More power to them. And I may be drifting off the judges decision but I firmly believe if we all had a few more quid in our pockets we'd still be laughing at Farage the clown and the thought of a referendum would be absurd.
  6. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    You lost me with the 'remoaners' insult and every time I now hear 'taking back our sovereignty' I just imagine the third reich marching on whitehall, st georges cross flying.
  7. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    You're right, I apologise for being undemocratic about the whole thing. Rule britannia, vive le farage.
  8. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    I'd post some links but facts no longer have a place in this discussion. I think they do contribute, you think they don't. It is what it is.
  9. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    I don't want to get into an in/out argument, this was about the judges decision and the arguments made me ill back when it still mattered. But to answer us being 'full', most evidence points to immigration being a net gain to our country, benefit tourism is small change compared to some real problems we face. We could half immigration over night today with stopping all none EU people, but we dont because we need it. I get the desire to be able to control it, but its just not the problem people make it out to be. Additionally this argument often goes in hand with 'they come for benefits' and 'they take our jobs'. The two seem to be mutually exclusive to me.
  10. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    What a simplistic and terribly flawed argument. It assumes no change to our economy and that we'll now just have that money sat around. Even Boris now rejects the 350 number! Forgive me but people who want leave seem to hate the EU that much they are willing to bury their heads in the sand and cling to this fantasy of how much better everything will be despite a wall of information to the contrary. The fact you still defend the 350M astounds me.
  11. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    How hilarious that anyone still thinks we'll be 350M a week better off when we leave. We may as well argue that it should all go to the national badgers society because it 'aint gonna be there!
  12. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    I'd agree with this, I'd like to see detailed manifestos, one in one out and let everyone make their choice on that. If only there was an opposition party....
  13. Soapyw

    Judges rule on Brexit

    Good news in my book, we may start getting some transparency and debate now on what the whole thing really means for the country.
  14. Soapyw

    Brexit reversal attempt

    I think the 'they need us more than we need them' argument is flawed. Its not in their interest for this to work for us, it weakens Europe if we end up better off.
  15. Soapyw

    Brexit reversal attempt

    What makes you think this in the face of all the contrary evidence?